Gold, Platinum, Silver or Zync?

American Express is targeting Gen Y with a newly-branded charge card called Zync. Will young folks fall for it?


A few days ago I received marketing materials and an invitation to apply for a Zync card in the mail. What is a Zync card? It’s an American Express Charge Card with a lower annual fee geared towards 20somethings.   The NY Times covered the card’s specific terms earlier and readers chimed in whether or not they would hold the card.

Did I apply for one? No. I’m not willing to pay $25 + interchange income to American Express for the privilege of holding a Zync card in return for less than 1% of purchases in rewards. With too many card options available in the marketplace, American Express needs a better hook to increase cards issued and build brand loyalty. 


Jan. 7, 2010



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