Goodbye Payday Lender. Hello Credit Union.

Educators Credit Union shares how one loan officer looked at the numbers to change the life of a member.


I occasionally receive emails from credit union leaders or representatives telling me about an initiative or action that defines the credit union movement. Off the CUff readers always respond positively to such posts, encouraging the system to uphold its cooperative vales.

Here is a member story from Linda B. Hoover, SVP of lending at Educators Credit Union ($1.3B, Racine, WI):

"One of our representatives had a distraught member come into the office for her advice. The member, a single dad who had recently joined the credit union, had a history of using the services of payday lenders and now wasn’t able to pay his other debts. Our member financial representative (MFR) sat down with the member and looked at his credit history. The member had an automobile loan with Wells Fargo that had an interest rate of 19.6%. He also had a couple of credit cards with interest rates of 22.9% and 26.99%.

"The MFR worked with the member to tally everything he owed to the payday lenders, Wells Fargo, and the high-interest credit card providers. The MFR was able to use the equity from the automobile and combine all of the member’s debts into one auto loan with an interest rate of 5.95%. The new arrangement reduced the member’s monthly payments by more than $680 and will save him a total of $13,988.57 in interest. He will also be able pay off his debts in three years."

Hoover is happy to report the member is now out of the payday lender cycle. He’s done with high-rate credit cards. He has only one debt — the auto loan — and one low-limit credit card with a rate of 8.9%. And who provides that credit card? Educators Credit Union.

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Originally published April 20, 2011.

A Great Time To Be A Credit Union (Member)


Dec. 28, 2011


  • How extensive is the 'trend' of CUs offering payday loans to underbanked / underserved poulations?
    Angela Mitchell
  • This is a great article. I is a great feeling to help someone like that.
    Sandi Bird
  • Excellent success story! Isn't this what credit unions are all about; helping members because we care & take personal interest unlike those other four letter word financial institutions.
  • What a great story, and I'm sure it's one that takes place daily all over the country. This story really needs to be told to more people more often to keep the positive buzz about Credit Unions going !
    Martin Carr
  • Great story. Educators CU does an outstanding job with a consistent focus on improving their members' financial well-being. One of the best things about being in the Credit Union movement is the willingness to share these stories and ideas. Thanks to Educators and to Callahan for spreading the news!
    Cathie Tierney