Feb. 29, 2016


  • Year End 2011 Net Income is $17.7M, 2012 it is $17.9M, 2013 it is $18.6M, 2014 it is $10.2M & it 2015 it is all of $411,110. How do you make over $10M in 2014 and the next year end up with less than $500,000? Another NY Taxi Credit Union. That is a HUGE decline in income.
    Tony Costanzo
  • You have got to be kidding. December, 2015 Melrose CU posted NEGATIVE income of $176Million with an ROA of -8.86%. Montauk CU posted NEGATIVE income of 17.6Million with an ROA of -10.74 Next time do some research before posting these money losing Taxi CU financial info
    Tony Costanzo
  • Tony, thanks for your comment, we always appreciate feedback. In reviewing the leader table we realized that some of our filters failed to remove a few credit unions that should have been excluded, due to failure to meet several performance metrics; as such, we have removed them and updated the listing above.
    Sam Taft