10 Leaders In Annual Revenue Per Full-Time Employee

At which credit unions did employees post the highest gains in fourth quarter 2015? Find out in this leader table.


According to estimates from Callahan & Associates’ FirstLook program, which includes year-end financial information for more than 6,000 credit unions, the industry average for annualized revenue per full-time employee is projected to have increased 3.2% in 2015. The average number of full-time employees at credit unions also increased in 2015, growing from 41 to 44, or 7.3%.

For FirstLook** credit unions | Data as of 12.31.15
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Rank Credit Union State Annualized Revenue Per FTE Employee Total FTE Employees Total Assets
1 Merck Employees NJ $1,391,661 24 $1,894,022,542
2 NCPD NY $1,153,200 17 $698,071,839
3 Star One CA $952,700 182 $7,857,993,558
4 Progressive NY $932,577 35 $665,431,747
5 Self Reliance New York NY $878,094 44 $1,159,328,427
6 San Joaquin Power Employees CA $641,014 6 $131,826,071
7 Bopti CA $629,936 4 $66,411,812
8 Schlumberger Employees TX $599,990 39 $792,378,689
9 Alliant IL $585,170 398 $8,673,603,672
10 Southern TX $569,597 9 $90,961,770
  *Full-time equivalent (FTE) is calculated as full-time employees plus 50% of part-time employees.
** Data is for all FirstLook credit unions with more than $20 million in assets.

Source: Peer-to-Peer Analytics by Callahan & Associates 

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Feb. 29, 2016


  • Year End 2011 Net Income is $17.7M, 2012 it is $17.9M, 2013 it is $18.6M, 2014 it is $10.2M & it 2015 it is all of $411,110. How do you make over $10M in 2014 and the next year end up with less than $500,000? Another NY Taxi Credit Union. That is a HUGE decline in income.
    Tony Costanzo
  • You have got to be kidding. December, 2015 Melrose CU posted NEGATIVE income of $176Million with an ROA of -8.86%. Montauk CU posted NEGATIVE income of 17.6Million with an ROA of -10.74 Next time do some research before posting these money losing Taxi CU financial info
    Tony Costanzo
  • Tony, thanks for your comment, we always appreciate feedback. In reviewing the leader table we realized that some of our filters failed to remove a few credit unions that should have been excluded, due to failure to meet several performance metrics; as such, we have removed them and updated the listing above.
    Sam Taft