15 Years Of Credit Union Consolidation

How credit unions, assets, and member relationships have evolved the past decade and a half.


Oct. 17, 2016


  • The NCUA's June 30 2016 "Industry At A Glance" reports 5,887 federally insured credit unions. Is the difference between that figure and the 6,011 used in this chart those CUs that aren't federally insured? Thank you!
    Victoria Selfridge
  • Hi Victoria - thank you for your question. That is exactly correct. There are 5,887 credit unions that are federally insured (and 124 that are privately insured).
    Liz Furman
  • Good information. Any way to measure main influences for trend? My expected main three are : impact of the recession, regulations, and meeting member service demands (technology-anywhere financial access).
  • The NCUA directed the action. Struggling CU's were targeted, audited, and merged or dissolved to create a more stable core of CU's.