Halloween Potions For Member Engagement

From haunted credit union branches to spooky coloring contests, cooperatives are using the Halloween season as a time to get involved with their community.


Did you know 36 million children aged 5-13 trick-or-treated last year, according to the US Census Bureau? With numbers like that, no wonder Halloween is one of the largest commercial holidays. So what are credit unions doing to make this Halloween spooktacular for members? Here are some fun ideas for getting into the ghoul-y spirit.

1.  Plan a family event.  October offers a great opportunity to bring members together for outdoor activities. Power Financial Credit Union ($510M, Pembroke Pines, FL) is hosting the 3rd Annual Halloween Family Fun event on October 22. With carnival games, a Halloween hunt, bounce house, and raffle for Miami Dolphin’s tickets, this is sure to be a fun, safe time for all. Hosting your Halloween events a week before the actual day may draw more attendees because earlier dates are less likely to conflict with your members’ Halloween plans.

2.  Start a promotional campaign. Fourteen credit unions across the U.S. together created a full-fledged auto loan promotion called Zombie Invasion. It’s an interactive video that allows you to click different scenarios to determine your fate, much like an interactive video game. It’s kind of addictive. Try it out here by clicking on the video for yourself. I got “zombified” more than once, but my co-worker, Michael, was much better at surviving. And, while on the site, you can apply for the auto loan with rates as low as 1.74% (rates vary by location). This is a great way to spread the Halloween spirit and hopefully score some new loans. Plus, it shows the cooperative spirit as multiple credit unions are sharing the same campaign.

3.  Sponsor a running event. Halloween candy makes the little ones full of sugary energy! Why not get it out of their system with a healthy Halloween run? NASA Federal Credit Union ($1.1B, Upper Marlboro, MD) will host a Halloween Young Run just for kids. It’s promoted as one of the largest kids’ runs in the nation, and as a fun activity, not a competition.  And Summit Credit Union ($1.7B, Madison, WI) is hosting their annual Haunted Hustle Marathon Ghost Tour in which runner encounter a “host of scary characters.”

4.  Decorate your branch. Create a haunted house at your branch like Community Resource Federal Credit Union ($66M, Latham, NY). Proceeds from the admission go to Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless and the Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society.  Winthrop Federal Credit Union ($40.1M, Winthrop, MA) is also holding a spooky branch event, which its website says usually draws about 1,000 children.

5.  Share money saving tips. Celebrating Halloween can get expensive. Costumes, decorations, candy and parties.  Why not share money-saving tips with your members through your website and social media platforms? University of Wisconsin Credit Union ($1.4B, Madison, WI) is doing exactly that on their member education page, sharing several party, decoration, and costume tips. Some of my favorites include dish ideas for a potluck, recipes for making your own makeup, and using household items for decorations.

6.  Hold a Halloween-theme contest. Everybody loves a contest, especially when it involves a cash prize. JSC Federal Credit Union ($1.5B, Houston, TX) is currently holding a coloring contest for all STAR Team Members, who are savings account holders under 12. Members are encouraged to get artistic with the provided coloring sheet, then submit it to their branch for judging. Winners from each branch win a $25 cash deposit.


Oct. 13, 2011

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