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Callahan’s Return Of The Member (ROM) score provides a comprehensive scoring system of member value that looks beyond the traditional safety and soundness issues covered by NCUA’s CAMEL scoring.


From The Callahan Analysts

Which Credit Union In Every State Returns The Most Value To Members?

An interactive graphic by Callahan & Associates highlights ROM leaders by state. Who's tops in your state?

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How do you serve your members?

The Role Of Member Value In Credit Union Success

When Sharonview FCU sets its annual goals, it includes a member benefit component.

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ROM Index Quantifies Member Value

What is Return of the Member and why is it important? This look at Callahan & Associates' metric includes a look at the components of ROM and how to use it.



Providing Exceptional Member Value

This collection examines how small institutions, those in the $20-$50M peer group, are succeeding at providing exceptional member value. 

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Webinar: How To Measure Member Value

Learn more about Callahan’s ROM metric and which credit unions returned the most value as of fourth quarter 2016. Credit unions have a mission; one that makes them different from for-profit financial institutions. To understand and interpret their performance, credit unions need more than just financial data. They need the ability to quantify the value they return to members. That’s where Callahan’s Return Of The Member (ROM) score comes in.

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

Who to include in the planning process.
What is ROM?
How is ROM calculated?
Why should credit unions care about ROM?
Which credit unions are leading the pack in ROM?