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Conversions take many forms - core, mobile, online, and more. Don't reinvent the wheel - we've put together a set of case studies and best practices to help make your next conversion as painless as possible.


How To Map Member Data During A Merger

Eight mergers in 11 years helped this Michigan credit union develop best practices in mapping core data during a conversion.

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3 CEOs Dish On Managing The Managers Of Technology

Putting tech tools into play, and into their proper place, requires following strategy and letting the experts do the leg work.

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3 Ways To Identify Core A-Players

Tips to narrow the playing field to vendors that fit a credit union’s business model and needs.

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It's All About The Core

During this webinar, we'll share:

  • An overview of supplier trends and market share
  • Tips for undergoing a core conversion
  • 3 steps for identifying core players

Watch this on-demand webinar, in which we share key findings from this year’s guide.

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Core Conversions

Build Competence. Inspire Confidence. Go Live.

In advance of its core conversion go-live, Affinity Plus FCU designed a training program that fully prepared employees for technical changes while keeping them engaged in the larger process.

How To Answer The Core Question

Which cores gained or lost market share in the credit union space? What does performance look like for credit union clients?

5 Ways To Avoid A Bumpy Core Conversion

Credit unions share how they realized process improvements and encouraged culture changes through core conversions.

4 Tipping Points For A Core Conversion

Maintenance, integration issues, pricing, and even vendor disinterest can be cues that a new partner is in order.

How Andigo Captured Core Conversion Happiness

The Prairie State credit union converted to a new core platform as part of a transformation to a new charter, a new headquarters, and a new name.

A Dissection Of The Core Processing Marketplace

Fiserv and Symitar continue to dominate, but a plethora of possibilities present choices to credit unions when it comes time to convert or commit.


Strong Communication Supports A Smooth Conversion For A New York Credit Union

Corning Credit Union’s online and mobile banking conversion in early 2019 topped off 12 months of careful communication.


A Mobile App That Shines With 5 Stars

Affinity Plus FCU revamped its online and mobile banking systems to give members a robust yet straightforward experience.

Multi-System Conversion

A 16-System Conversion Success Story

Two major conversions at one New Mexico credit union brought about a busy 2018.


2020 Core Processor Guide

Callahan & Associates designed the 2020 Supplier Market Share Guide: Credit Union Core Processors to help financial cooperatives survey their data processing options.

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A Credit Union Guide To Conversions

Fun, no. Important, yes. This Callahan Collection offers examples of both smooth and rocky core, online, and other conversions and what credit unions can learn from each.

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All About Proposals

How To Pull Off A Core Conversion

Justin Curcio, EVP and COO of Darden Employees Credit Union, oversaw converting Orlando's Multimedia CU to a nationwide, virtual credit union for all Darden Restaurant employees.