In the Limelight

Trapped miners are learning the basics of banking and personal finance to manage sudden celebrity.  


Rescue efforts to reach the 33 miners who are trapped in a San José Mine in Copiapo, Chile, are moving along better than anticipated. According to the Los Angeles Times, rescuers expect to reach the miners by Saturday, at which point they can make decisions that will affect how quickly they can pull up the miners.

The miners have been trapped for more than two months, and rescue preparations above and below ground are underway. Above ground, rescuers are considering how much reinforcement is necessary for the escape tunnel. And below ground, the miners have “already begun aerobic exercises to prepare for the change in environment,” reports the LA Times.

But it’s not just the change in the physical environment the miners are preparing for. In September, the Washington Post reported on how rescue support personnel are helping the miners prepare for widespread recognition and fame.

“The miners will be taught how to deal with reporters as well as the basics of opening a bank account and personal financial management,” the Washington Post reports.

Think about your community. Are there any local celebrities with newly found fame that could benefit from a little financial education? In Neenah, WI, Community First Credit Union dedicated a considerable amount of financial and human resources in August to the filming and home build of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But the needs of the spotlighted family extend beyond a new home. So, Community First is giving the Arboledas a gift that keeps on giving, financial education. For those that suddenly find themselves with a bit of fame and fortune, it’s that kind of education that can truly make a lasting impact.

“The final stretch is especially delicate…,” the LA Times says. But despite all hardships, the Chilean support personnel are preparing a well-rounded rescue.


Oct. 7, 2010


  • See the movie "Ace in the Hole." It's all about the dire consequences of exploiting a victim of underground entrapment.
    Nancy Tack