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industry overview

credit unions @ june 30, 2016


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement (2Q 2016)


Peer Group Comparisons
Summary Financial Profiles
Credit unions of various sizes can easily compare their business models against institutions of similar sizes using these summary income statements and balance sheets for eight peer groups.


Peer Group Comparisons
Performance Scorecard
It’s never been easier to compare the quarterly performance of up to three credit unions using Callahan's Search & Analyze online reports. This Performance Scorecard shows stats for the average credit union in eight peer groups.



3 Graphs That Show Second Quarter Member Service Success
Credit unions are serving members better than ever before, and these three graphs show just how much ground the cooperative industry has gained.
By Stephanie Clark

3 Takeaways From 2Q 2016 Trendwatch
Second quarter performance data tells a positive story: member growth has never been stronger, the loan faucet is still flowing, and credit unions are well-positioned from an interest rate risk perspective.
By Erik Payne

Credit Unions Ride An ROA Roller Coaster
Second quarter data shows the industry’s ROA is up quarter-over-quarter but slightly down year-over-year.
By Liz Furman

Credit Unions Set A Record For Dollar Amount Originated
Second quarter data shows industry real estate loan growth is strong, but lenders should take portfolio quality and state-level trends into consideration.
By Michelle Parker

2Q 2016 Drivers Of The Efficiency Ratio
Like your golf score, your credit union's efficiency ratio should be low.
By Liz Furman

3 Loan Products Drive Balances To New High
Second quarter lending puts credit unions on the path to another record-breaking year. As of June 2016, three loan products accounted for more than 81% of the annual growth.
By Stephanie Clark

2Q 2016 Delinquency: The More Things Stay The Same, The More They Change
Overall delinquency is following the traditional cycle, but this year’s numbers might indicate a break in generally declining delinquency rates.
By Liz Furman


Callahan collects quarterly performance data from individual credit unions and allows institutions to run reports in Peer-to-Peer weeks before the full data set is available. Don't wait for us to find you; take advantage of the opportunity to gain early insight into the industry's quarterly performance and upload your credit union's 5300 Call Report data today.

To upload your 5300 Call Report data:

  1. Log into Peer-to-Peer.
  2. Go to "Settings."
  3. Select "XML 5300 Upload."
  4. Follow the prompts.
  5. Begin your analysis.

Looking for more insight? Make the Industry Overview a regular stop in your browsing. You'll find performance trend updates and analysis of industry and credit union trends from Callahan & Associates. 


This must-attend quarterly event for credit union leaders covers performance trends, industry success stories, and areas of opportunity. Attendees will find insight they won't find anywhere else weeks before the official NCUA data release.


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