As of August 11, 2015, 6,147 credit unions are reporting as part of Callahan & Associates' FirstLook program. These credit unions —  representing 99.4% of industry assets —  increased their asset base 6.04%, reaching $1.18 trillion in June 2015. Loan balances soared 10.7% to $743 billion; that's a $74 billion jump from the $669 billion reported in June 2014. It's also the fastest rate since 2006.

Other notable second quarter trends:

  • Loans: The industry originated the highest ever amount of loans. Total loan originations topped $200 billion through second quarter 2015, up $33.8 billion from one year ago. Year-to-date first mortgage originations increased 49.43% year-over-year. Other real estate and consumer loan originations both posted double-digit growth, 16.2% and 10.31%, respectively.
  • Capital: Credit unions have nearly $136.6 billion in capital, up 7.01% from June 2014.
  • Members: Membership increased 3.38% over the past 12 months, reaching 102.5 million as of June 2015.
  • Relationships: The average member relationship at credit unions hit $17,088. That's up 3.74% year-over-year.
  • Share Growth: The number of share draft accounts increased 8.39% over June 2013 to top $139.7 billion. Regular shares increased 9.07% YOY, reaching $364.4 billion.
  • The Bottom Line: Total income has increased 7.14% since June 30, 2015. The $27.08 billion reported by FirstLook credit unions is highest second quarter total since 2010. The records set this quarter foreshadow what looks to be an impressive year for the credit union industry.


Industry Performance By The Numbers (2Q 2015)
A breakdown of the industry's financial performance and impact in 2Q 2015.

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Pioneer Credit Union Exhibits Dramatic Turnaround In Shares
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Operating Efficiency Improves At U.S. Credit Unions In The Second Quarter
Credit unions of all asset sizes are spending less to earn a dollar.
By Sam Taft


The Consolidated 2-Year Credit Union Financial Statement (2Q 2015)


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