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4Q 2017 Data


Loan/Share Ratio

The industry’s loan-to-share ratio expanded to 82.5% in the fourth quarter, nearly reaching pre-recession record levels. The highest loan-to-share ratio recorded was 83.7% in the third quarter of 2008.


CC Delinquency

Despite overall delinquency improving eight basis points year-over-year to 1.20%, credit card delinquency has increased 15 basis points in 2017, to 1.29% at year-end.


RE Growth

Annual real estate loan growth hits a nine-year high in the fourth quarter, at 9.7%. Credit unions added $42.2 billion in real estate loans to their books over the year.

Regional Performance Reports

Regional Performance Report: New England Credit Unions

New England credit unions excel in loans, deposits, member relations, and efficiency.

Regional Performance Report: Southeastern Credit Unions

Financial cooperatives in the Southeast exceeded industry averages on both sides of the balance sheet and the income statement.

Regional Performance Report: Mid-Atlantic Credit Unions

Credit unions in the Mid-Atlantic excelled in member business lending and also reported above average penetration in credit card and real estate loans.

Regional Performance Report: Central Credit Unions

Credit unions headquartered in the Central Region reported more loan accounts per members than those headquartered in other states. In what other areas did these cooperatives excel?

Regional Performance Report: Western Credit Unions

Credit unions in the NCUA Western Region reported 12-month loan growth that exceeded the industry average by three percentage points. In what other areas did these credit unions excel?

Quarterly Data Blogs

Mortgages By The Numbers

Real estate lending continues to dominate the loan portfolio, with 1st mortgage lending taking the largest share.

Deposits By The Numbers

Share balances hit a record high in 2017. What else happened in the credit union deposit portfolio?

Members By The Numbers

Looking at the industry's average member relationship, accounts per member, and dividend payout shows the bond credit unions and members share in 4Q17.

Credit Cards By The Numbers

Credit card balances, penetration, and usage all grew at credit unions in the last quarter of the year.

Deposits By The Numbers

Share balances hit a record high in 2017. What else happened in the credit union deposit portfolio?

5 Reasons To Watch Callahan’s 4Q17 Trendwatch

Early data trends help leaders prepare for year-end analysis.

Credit Unions Welcome 4.7M New Members

As the movement adds members, relationships and market share also increase.

Are Credit Unions Too Loaned Out?

The industry’s loan-to-share ratio has nearly hit levels not seen since the Great Recession.

3 Takeaways From Trendwatch 4Q 2017

Changes in auto lending and questions of liquidity highlight credit union performance in the fourth quarter of 2017.

A Large Credit Union With Low Delinquency

Innovative consumer loan and financial education products have helped BECU perform admirably in asset quality.

A Great Member Giveback

Sentry Credit Union pays it members an unprecedented dividend bonus.

Bangor FCU Does A Bang-Up Job In Real Estate Penetration

Real estate penetration in the Pine Tree State credit union reached 30.65% in the fourth quarter of 2017.



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