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4Q 2018 Data


Return On Assets

ROA is projected to increase 14 basis points year-over-year to 0.92%. Driving this increase is the 11.1% projected annual growth in interest income, itself driven in part due to the current rate environment.


Asset Quality

Asset quality is projected to improve as the net charge-off ratio declines 4 basis points year-over-year, from 0.59% in 4Q 2017 to 0.55% in 4Q 2018. Total delinquency decreased as well, dropping 10 basis points in the same period to 0.71%.

5.1 Million


Credit unions are expected to have added 5.1 million members from December 2017 to December 2018. The industry's total projected membership base is 117.8 million.

Quarterly Data Blogs

Credit Union Industry At-A-Glance (4Q18)

Membership at U.S. credit unions increased 4.4% year-over-year and the average member relationship increased $542 in 2018. What else happened in the fourth quarter?

More Deposits Point To Deeper Engagement

Share balances are increasing across the country, but growth is especially notable at one Maryland credit union.

Lending Surpasses $1.1 Trillion. Asset Quality Doesn’t Waiver.

As lending rolls along at U.S. credit unions, members show their appreciation by making timely payments.

Performance Pop Quiz: What Happened To The Net Interest Margin?

As interest rates tick up, the margin between interest income and interest expenses at U.S. credit unions slowly expands. Test your knowledge of the state of the net interest margin in the fourth quarter.

Higher Interest Means Higher Member Returns For 2018

Total dividends are on track to increase 30.5% as credit unions take advantage of the rising interest rate environment.

Performance Pop Quiz: How Do Rising Rates Impact Credit Union Liquidity?

The federal funds rate increased four times in 2018. Test your knowledge on the role these rate hikes play in credit union loan and deposit pricing?

Performance Pop Quiz: Are Member Relationships Still On The Rise?

Member relationships run deep at U.S. credit unions. Test your fourth quarter knowledge of these three fundamental member metrics.



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