Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

By Nick Connors | Sept. 17, 2007

Credit Unions have a unique position as a balance sheet lender, this fact presents an opportunity to help members as the mortgage market struggles.

By Mike Werstuik | Sept. 17, 2007

With the Fed poised to take action to ease the credit crunch that has overtaken the financial industry, credit unions continue to weather the storm and show their value to members through products and services designed to help them through these rough times.

By Lydia Cole | Sept. 10, 2007

Mortgage lending has remained in the headlines throughout the credit crunch. Credit union delinquency rates offer another perspective on the situation.


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By Mike Werstuik | Aug. 20, 2007

As news on subprime mortgages continues to flood the headlines, credit union mortgage quality remains high, even in interest only and payment option mortgages.

By Ryan Sherwin | Aug. 13, 2007

With 168 First Look credit unions reporting second quarter data, credit unions continue to outperform the market in mortgage originations.

By Fannie Mae | July 9, 2007

In the wake of the subprime fallout, here are four steps to offering sustainable homeownership solutions to new and refinance borrowers.

By Mary Royston | May 14, 2007

One of the biggest players in home mortgage finance has announced a no fee first mortgage product. The implications for credit unions are momentous.

By Jon Jeffreys | April 2, 2007

Increasing competition for A and B paper creates a subprime opportunity for credit unions – if priced properly and focused on member value.

By Paul Seizert | Oct. 23, 2006

A patent-pending financial product called the Ratchet Mortgage creates member value by capturing the benefits of refinancing, without transaction costs and traditional rate-shopping.

By Marissa McGee | Oct. 9, 2006

Recent data released by Prime Alliance shows credit unions are in line with current mortgage industry performance.