Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

By Debra Sondak | Aug. 14, 2006

Mortgage-backed securities can offer juicy yields, but require careful attention and selection to balance return and risk.

By Tom Geggel | Aug. 7, 2006

Several sources indicate that the housing market is flattening. However, it will be important to monitor foreclosures as rates reset.

By Tom Geggel | July 10, 2006

There are conflicting accounts as to how the housing market will land as it comes off of its recent bubble. One study suggests a soft landing while another warns of a severe correction.


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By Mortgage Cadence | May 15, 2006

Credit unions exist to help members confront their toughest economic challenges and improve their financial well-being. Anne Myrick is just one of the many success stories.

By Tom Geggel | Dec. 12, 2005

Will the boom continue or is a real estate market slowdown on the way? Experts predict a return to a moderate appreciation rate in the short-term, however ambiguity remains.

By Tom Geggel | May 9, 2005

Today is a new era in mortgage lending. Rather than choosing a 15 or 30-year fixed rate mortgage, prospective homeowners are looking at non-traditional options.

By Tom Geggel | April 25, 2005

Credit union executives are reporting that members are choosing adjustable rate mortgages over fixed rate products, even in today’s rising rate environment.

By Mike Philbin | March 28, 2005

Credit unions attending the Financial Solutions Symposium in Orlando were given the opportunity to hear a leading Wall Street analyst’s outlook for the mortgage-backed securities market – and the impact this sector will have on their business.