Credit Score

By Callahan & Associates, Inc. | Nov. 1, 2021

Karen Madry, president and CEO of Afena FCU, discusses how the credit union's small-dollar, low-interest "Bridge the Gap" loans are helping borrowers stay away from payday lenders and build better credit scores.

By Marc Rapport | Feb. 3, 2020

The Maryland credit union plans to soon go live with a decisioning system that provides speed, flexibility, and fairness.

Partner Perspective
Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing

By Elan Financial Services | June 10, 2019

What should a credit union consider when evaluating its in-house credit card program strategy?


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By MeridianLink, Inc. | Oct. 22, 2018

Custom scorecards help lenders make more efficient decisions by providing more precision in targeting applications with a lower risk profile for that specific institution.

By Marc Rapport | Feb. 26, 2018

How data analytics and life experience drive record auto loan production at Oregon Community Credit Union.

By Rebecca Wessler | Dec. 25, 2017

Credit unions share their best practices with CreditUnions.com all year. Here, Callahan’s staff writers share their selections for a handful of lesser-known pieces that are worth revisiting.

By Marc Rapport | Nov. 13, 2017

An Idaho credit union uses credit score analysis to build long-term relationships and the loan portfolio.

By Marc Rapport | May 29, 2017

More stringent accuracy rules will force credit bureaus to leave liens and judgments out of millions of credit reports.

By Erik Payne | Jan. 30, 2017

Cornhusker credit union Trius FCU offers ways to reach good borrowers in hard times while still mitigating risk.

By Marc Rapport | Oct. 24, 2016

A Money 20/20 session on new credit scoring techniques highlights a new focus on financial inclusion and expanding the pool of potential borrowers.

By Dahna Chandler | March 7, 2016

By turning a longstanding credit model on its head, BECU repriced $100 million in loans in 2015.

By Marc Rapport | Jan. 25, 2016

First Source Federal Credit Union scores rapid loan growth by considering a borrower’s personal background as well as their financial history.

By Sam Taft | June 9, 2015

No credit bubble in sight at CU Direct’s Automotive Lending and Marketing Conference.

By Mark Kretzschmar | March 2, 2015

A half-million members respond so far to North Carolina credit union’s offer of free credit scores. President digs it, too.

By Callahan & Associates | March 1, 2015

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Marc Rapport | Feb. 26, 2015

Equifax report buttresses evidence that subprime auto lending is opportunity for credit unions to do good while doing well.

By Marc Rapport | Nov. 10, 2014

The California credit union uses a range of products to help members avoid payday lenders and build their credit.

By Marc Rapport | Nov. 10, 2014

Proposed changes under the Military Lending Act could limit payday lending alternatives.

By Janet Lee | Nov. 10, 2014

Truths about credit scores and tips on how to improve them.

By Rebecca Wessler | Oct. 13, 2014

Lending in South Texas might be riskier than some institutions’ appetites allow, but NavyArmy enjoys a little spice in its portfolio.

By Erik Payne | Aug. 8, 2014

FICO's recent changes to how it calculates credit scores could have consequences for your lending portfolio.

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | Aug. 4, 2014

How credit score migration analysis can identify opportunities and mitigate losses.

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | March 3, 2014

Now is not the time to be on the lending sidelines. As lending professionals, credit unions need to understand risks, make the right diagnosis, and look to expand lending channels.

By Aaron Pugh | Feb. 5, 2014

Take an in-depth look at Hope Credit Union's success with low-income communities.

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 9, 2013

Johns Hopkins FCU encourages thousands of borrowers to steer clear of payday loans and make smarter choices this time of year.

By Erik Payne | Oct. 21, 2013

Credit unions are using resources such as GPS tracking devices and starter-interrupt systems to help members with low credit scores and questionable histories purchase cars.

By Catherine Siskos | Oct. 7, 2013

Both automated and decentralized underwriting systems offer pros and cons to consider.

By Drew Grossman | Sept. 9, 2013

Social media complements traditional evaluation metrics to help institutions find credit-worthy applicants hiding behind a less-than-perfect FICO score.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 9, 2013

With the right strategy, social channels are capable of generating tangible returns worthy of the extra investment.

By Sharon Simpson | June 17, 2013

A Q&A with Amy Perez, assistant vice president of retail lending at Grow Financial Credit Union.

By Rebecca Wessler | June 17, 2013

State Employees’ Credit Union takes lending decisions out of the hands of automated systems and puts them into the hands of individual financial service officers.

By Mark Reed | Dec. 12, 2012

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 10, 2012

Put the right products and services in place, and then take a closer look at credit-damaged members.

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 10, 2012

A New Hampshire cooperative offers credit-building products that break the payday loan cycle.

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 10, 2012

Compounding loan rate reductions help members damaged by economic circumstances.

By Andrew Bolton | Dec. 4, 2012

By Rebecca McClay | Dec. 3, 2012

Texas-based Navy Army Community Credit Union’s loan growth surge in 3Q 2012 proves some risk is worth taking.

By Rebecca McClay | Oct. 10, 2012

Credit card delinquency has reached an 11-year low, indicating credit card borrowers are increasingly worthy of their credit.

By Bailey Reutzel | Sept. 19, 2012

Consumers without credit histories present credit unions with opportunities to lend credit cards and teach healthy plastic habits.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | July 1, 2011

A cooperative approach to everyday business puts members in the driver's seat.

By TransUnion | June 27, 2011

Foreclosures have reached levels never imagined a few years ago and caused problems with personal credit profiles and accompanying risk scores.

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | June 6, 2011

Auto loans account for 29% of the average credit union's portfolio. But with market turbulence and new norms in buyer’s behavior, how can credit unions stay competitive?

By Rebecca Wessler | March 28, 2011

Six tips to generate a strong auto portfolio regardless of economic climate.

By Rebecca Wessler | March 28, 2011

Six tips to generate a strong auto portfolio regardless of economic climate.

By Thomas Cullen | Nov. 29, 2010

Credit unions need to understand how to help members with little or undesirable credit.

By Rebecca Wessler | July 23, 2010

As member-owned financial cooperatives, credit unions are in the position to look beyond a set of numbers to determine the true risk of its credit seekers.

By Aaron Pugh | March 22, 2010

What your collection department can do to achieve success and stay “the good guys” in a tough economic and media environment.

By TransUnion | Jan. 4, 2010

While delinquencies are expected to decrease slowly at the national level, it is important to also understand the impact of market trends at the regional level. Here are 4 suggestions to successfully manage accounts and prevent losses.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2010

BMI educates members one FICO score at a time.

By Chris Tissue | Oct. 7, 2009

According to recently released data from a bankrate.com survey, an astounding 45% of consumers do not know their credit score, and another 32% have never checked their credit report. In recognition of this startling trend BMI Federal Credit Union ($355M, Dublin, OH) launched an innovative, multi-purposed mail marketing campaign to address the issue head on.

By | March 30, 2009

Basic underwriting principles mitigates risk exposure and builds high quality loan portfolios.

By Brett Christensen | Feb. 2, 2009

Last year, we covered the soon to be released, FICO 08. Due to litigation between Fair Isaac Co. and the credit bureaus, the roll-out was delayed. However, the lawsuits are now settled. The three major credit bureaus have announced plans to roll-out the changes at various points in the year.

By Brett Christensen | Dec. 29, 2008

As the economy worsens, understanding indicators related to bankruptcy can help credit unions identify members who may need help.

By Lydia Cole | July 21, 2008

Revitalizing a static card portfolio requires careful due diligence to achieve success. Competing with the massive marketing budgets of large financial institutions, credit union must clearly understand their membership and respond promptly to member needs.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

Ent Credit Union ($2.4B, Colorado Springs, CO) has seen significant growth and opportunity in their FHA program.

By Denise Senecal | Feb. 18, 2008

Credit union members say that increasing savings and reducing debt are critical priorities for the coming year. Helping members not only identify appropriate goals, but track their progress towards these goals is a key opportunity for credit unions in 2008.

By TransUnion | Dec. 31, 2007

In today’s economic climate, understanding a member’s credit risk and how it impacts the entire portfolio is crucial for credit union’s financial success.

By Mike Werstuik | Feb. 19, 2007

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released a study stating that payday lending may actually increase household welfare. Would a member’s welfare be higher with a payday lender or your credit union?

By Mary Royston | Sept. 25, 2006

Teach your members the five factors that impact their FICO score and learn ways to manage it.

By Mike Werstuik | Sept. 18, 2006

Credit unions have an opportunity to reaffirm their original mission by broadly addressing the needs of lower-credit individuals relying on payday lenders.

By Sydney Mathis | April 17, 2006

Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union took a positive step towards creating an environment of exceptional member service when they began to focus on their largest asset, their employees.