By Mortgage Cadence | Feb. 18, 2008

Considerations your credit union should take on the conforming loan limits in Congress' Economic Stimulus Package.

By Tom Geggel | Nov. 13, 2006

The secondary market is now interested in securitizing reverse mortgages. With an 881% growth rate in endorsed loans since FY 2001, the product is now poised for even greater popularity.

By Tom Geggel | June 12, 2006

If current trends hold, reverse mortgages will have grown 774 percent in five years. Although few credit unions currently offer reverse mortgages to their members, the program can be a win-win for both parties.


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By Dave Weiss | Sept. 6, 2004

Seniors are increasingly using reverse mortgages to finance temporary cash flow needs. As the volume of home purchase originations and refinances continues to decrease, offering reverse mortgages may offer credit unions a way to boost their mortgage business.