Loan Originations

By Aman Johal | Jan. 26, 2021

The financial constraints credit unions faced in 2020 provide insights for how to move forward in the coming year.

By Samantha Cristobal | Nov. 2, 2020

Loan performance in 2020 might shed light on the future of credit union lending.

By William Hunt | Sept. 30, 2020

Low interest rates and federal aid combined to create a surge in demand for home financing, as both refinances and purchases performed well in the second quarter.


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By William Hunt | Sept. 30, 2020

Although the pandemic hindered consumer spending, some aspects of the credit union loan portfolio reported strong gains in the second quarter.

By Samantha Cristobal | Aug. 3, 2020

Peer-to-Peer from Callahan & Associates allows credit union leaders to analyze mortgage data as well as data from the 5300 Call Report on an institution level.

By Duncan Bartley | July 8, 2020

PPP data from the Treasury Department indicates credit unions played a larger role in lending to smaller companies, underscoring the movement’s commitment to Main Street business borrowers.

By Sam Taft | June 30, 2020

Following one of the most productive lending years in the history of the credit union movement, the first quarter of 2020 offered new challenges. But strong mortgage originations negated a pullback in consumer lending to push overall loan balances higher.

By William Hunt | June 30, 2020

First quarter data provides the earliest picture of the COVID-19 crisis on the credit union industry.

By Max Manalo-LeClair | June 29, 2020

This Fourth of July, Callahan & Associates is celebrating patriotically named credit unions with a look at how they return value to their member-owners.

By William Hunt | May 18, 2020

Early first quarter data shows the industry balance sheet is changing as credit unions respond to COVID-19.

By Aman Johal | April 16, 2020

2019 has been the most productive lending year in the history of the credit union movement. Despite coronavirus uncertainty, strong loan growth and low delinquency bode well for the strength of the credit union balance sheet in the months ahead.

By Aman Johal | Feb. 13, 2020

The decade ends with the three most productive lending quarters in the history of the credit union movement. Plus, more can’t-miss insights from Callahan’s quarterly webinar.

By Rebecca Wessler | Feb. 3, 2020

Five can't-miss data points this week on CreditUnions.com.

By Callahan & Associates | Feb. 3, 2020

Looking for new lending or LOS solutions? Check out these featured credit union suppliers.

By Aman Johal | Feb. 3, 2020

Despite slowing balance sheet growth, loan production picked up in the second half of the year, as the industry posted a record setting quarter in the three months ending September 2019.

By Aman Johal | Dec. 30, 2019

Third quarter lending performance rebounds from a slow first half of the year.

By Aman Johal | Dec. 30, 2019

As employee productivity rises industrywide, so, too, does compensation.

By Aman Johal | Nov. 13, 2019

The loan-to-share ratio falls, and other can’t-miss insights from Callahan’s quarterly webinar.

By Samantha Cristobal | Sept. 23, 2019

Loan originations dropped in the first quarter of 2019, but a pickup in activity in the second quarter has started to turn the tide.

By SWBC | Aug. 5, 2019

Turnaround times, member service, benefit from efficient LOS processes, especially in an environment of falling interest rates.

By Samantha Cristobal | April 30, 2019

Annual credit union loan growth was slower in 2018 than in 2017, but there is still evidence that loan demand remains robust.

By Marc Rapport | Jan. 21, 2019

People in the know share what they know as the new year unfolds.

By Aman Johal | Nov. 28, 2018

Takeaways from a survey on how 284 credit unions are interacting with the changing lending strategies arising from automated-decisioning practices.

By Aman Johal | Nov. 28, 2018

Takeaways from a survey on how 284 credit unions are interacting with the changing lending strategies arising from automated-decisioning practices.

By Ian Melhorn | Aug. 6, 2018

First quarter lending at credit unions contributed to an expanding balance sheet.

By Sharon Simpson | March 19, 2018

A $112 million loan financed through a consortium of credit unions shines a light on the impact of the cooperative model in rural America.

By Maya Neuman | Dec. 1, 2017

Credit unions netted $24.2 billion in loans over the course of the third quarter.

By Erik Payne | Nov. 28, 2017

Member-first, not bank-lite. How did credit unions perform in the third quarter?

By Aman Johal | Nov. 13, 2017

New HMDA data shows how credit unions in different NCUA regions fared in 2016. And finally, loan purpose.

By Aman Johal | Nov. 8, 2017

New HMDA data shows how credit unions in different NCUA regions fared in 2016. Up now, loan type.

By Aman Johal | Nov. 6, 2017

New HMDA data shows how credit unions in different NCUA regions fared in 2016. Up first, mortgage originations.

By Ian Melhorn | Sept. 1, 2017

Strong loan production across all product segments underpins the industry’s lending momentum.

By Rebecca Wessler | July 31, 2017

Five can't-miss data points featured this week on CreditUnions.com.

By Aman Johal | July 24, 2017

Credit unions are taming risk and outperforming other financial institutions.

By Ian Melhorn | July 1, 2017

First quarter 2017 marked the 11th consecutive quarter that credit unions have posted double-digit lending growth.

By Callahan & Associates | June 26, 2017

In this webinar, Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union dishes on its auto balloon program, including how the St. Louis-based identified the opportunity and implemented the loan, and how the program has fared.

By Liz Furman | May 10, 2017

Mortgage loan originations had a strong first quarter, but credit unions are keeping a larger percentage of mortgages on their books.

By Marc Rapport | May 1, 2017

The St. Louis-based credit union makes a nice niche business out of a lease-like product.

By Erik Payne | April 10, 2017

How a loan consortium in La Crosse, WI, aims to rebuild downtown and keep college students in state.

By Ian Melhorn | March 6, 2017

The strong lending growth posted by U.S. credit unions in fourth quarter 2016 is an apt wrap-up for a successful year.

By | Feb. 20, 2017

Which states rank top in the nation for credit union auto loan originations?

By Sam Taft | Feb. 13, 2017

Credit unions originated $343.6 billion through third quarter 2016 — that's an all-time record. See which areas contributed to this double-digit year-over-year growth.

By Sharon Simpson | Jan. 2, 2017

Five lessons in setting short- and long-term goals.

By Michelle Parker | Dec. 12, 2016

Interactions with and baseline knowledge of technology drives the majority of loan operations.

By Michelle Parker | Dec. 9, 2016

Digital offerings and strategies that drive online mortgage originations are put to the test at the annual Digital Mortgage Conference in San Francisco.

By Michelle Parker | Nov. 15, 2016

The latest HMDA data is here. Check out trends in the mortgage industry, including state leaders.

By Liz Furman | Nov. 14, 2016

Callahan & Associates surveyed 333 credit unions to learn about automated decisioning practices in the consumer lending portfolio. Read about the results in this interactive article.

By Liz Furman | Nov. 14, 2016

Callahan & Associates surveyed 333 credit unions to learn about automated decisioning practices in the consumer lending portfolio. What did it find?

By Rebecca Wessler | Nov. 7, 2016

Four can't-miss data points featured this week on CreditUnions.com.

By Sam Taft | Nov. 7, 2016

Check out how the credit union loan portfolio fared in the first six months of 2016.

By Michelle Parker | Nov. 7, 2016

What does new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data say about credit union performance?

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 29, 2016

The New Mexico credit union puts community capital and cooperative principles to work.

By Rebecca Wessler | Aug. 22, 2016

This week, CreditUnions.com showcases case studies from both large and small credit unions with excellent loan growth metrics, as well as looks at some larger lending trends.

By Michelle Parker | Aug. 16, 2016

Second quarter data shows industry real estate loan growth is strong, but lenders should take portfolio quality and state-level trends into consideration.

By Susan Levi Wallach | July 11, 2016

A new mobile loan application platform has extended and unified the Indiana credit union’s online presence.

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | June 6, 2016

Indirect lending helps the credit union industry build market share amid booming auto sales.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc. | May 9, 2016

Tennessee-based Leaders Credit Union serves a mix of demographics not unusual for many Mid-South American towns. In many ways it is a typical credit union, however, it is also aggressively expanding its digital services.

By Marc Rapport | April 4, 2016

Home equity lines of credit are drawing renewed interest among banks and credit unions as housing prices rebound amidst consumer confidence.

By Stephanie Clark | April 4, 2016

Which credit unions lead the industry in mortgage production growth? Find out in this Callahan & Associates leader table.

By Ted Goldwyn | March 7, 2016

The focus of Massachusetts-based DCU is squarely on streamlining the loan application process. Here are a few ways the credit union is leading the way in mortgage and consumer lending.

By Marc Rapport | March 7, 2016

Two credit unions share how they get to “yes” on loan applications, regardless of who makes the call.

By Stephanie Clark | Feb. 18, 2016

Year-end data shows credit unions lent $1.1 billion per day on average in 2015. But, there's more.

By Sam Taft | Feb. 18, 2016

The nation’s credit unions made strides in fourth quarter 2015, setting records in originations and market share.

By Sam Taft | Feb. 1, 2016

In today’s changing and often-uncertain economic environment, balance sheet management is top-of-mind with credit union executives.

By Sharon Simpson | Jan. 25, 2016

A Q&A with Generations Federal Credit Union on how it improved its conversion ratio.

By Tim Mislansky | Jan. 6, 2016

Each year, the National Mortgage News publishes a list of top 200 loan originators. Here's why credit unions need to be on the list.

By Sam Taft | Nov. 23, 2015

States all across the nation posted significant year-to-date growth in mortgage originations when compared to the same time frame last year.

By Stephanie Clark | Nov. 18, 2015

Learn by how much the industry has increased its asset base, loans, shares, member relationships, and more.

By Rebecca Wessler | Nov. 18, 2015

Third quarter performance data showcases credit union successes in lending and shares.

By E.C. Harrison | Nov. 16, 2015

SECU of Maryland’s move to bring its business lending operations in-house resulted in a return on investment in the range of 250 to 300 basis points.

By Arch Mortgage Insurance Company | Nov. 16, 2015

Individualized, timely service and best rate possible for mortgage insurance can help seal the deal.

By IMM: The eSignature Company | Nov. 9, 2015

Making it easy to modify loans increases yield and revenue while building loyal relationships to last beyond the original note.

Credit unions can and should identify HELOC candidates and win that business before interest rates rise.

By Fannie Mae | Nov. 2, 2015

Today's mobile generation can access end-to-end information during the mortgage process, and credit unions can customize apps with branded marketing messages.

Communication with real estate partners and with members will make disclosure changes less of a barrier to getting a home purchase closed.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 22, 2015

Learn how to make the most of today's lending environment by understanding the credit union's place in the market and comparing the performance of other institutions in a given metro area, county, or state.

By Marc Rapport | Oct. 22, 2015

Not all dark waters as TRID changes take effect and HMDA changes announced, but much work remains.

By Sam Taft | Sept. 30, 2015

Overall mortgage originations declined last year across the United Sates for all financial institutions, yet credit unions carved out a larger piece of the lending pie.

By Sam Taft | Aug. 24, 2015

Strong consumer and real estate lending helped credit union loan originations set a record midyear high.

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 20, 2015

Surging credit union metrics combine with startling measures of Americans’ financial woes to paint picture of opportunity and challenge.

By Daniel Wang | Aug. 11, 2015

Wings Financial’s triple-digit annual increase in first mortgage originations is a guiding force in the North Star State.

By Janet Lee | Aug. 11, 2015

Total YTD loan originations at U.S. credit unions grew 20% year-over-year to reach $200 billion through the first six months of 2015, an increase of more than $30 billion over the same time period last year.

By Marc Rapport | June 11, 2015

Call it what you will, CFPB's promise to go easy on mortgage disclosure changes provides some temporary relief.

By Sam Taft | June 9, 2015

No credit bubble in sight at CU Direct’s Automotive Lending and Marketing Conference.

By Marc Rapport | June 8, 2015

Product meets marketing meets members in this small-town credit union that delivers high-tech solutions.

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | June 8, 2015

Assessing your credit union’s loan approval processes can show where automation can boost operational efficiency and member satisfaction.

By Tim Mislansky | June 3, 2015

Zillow mortgage research shows that many small borrowers will pay 10% more for every dollar borrowed than a borrower with a $400,000 loan.

By Janet Lee | May 21, 2015

The Michigan credit union posted 35% annual loan growth in first quarter 2015.

By | May 15, 2015

Callahan & Associates analyzes year-over-year loan origination data as a part of Trendwatch 1Q 2015.

By Sam Taft | May 12, 2015

The Indiana credit union increased auto loans 39% over last year.

By Janet Lee | May 12, 2015

The Florida credit union reported a 97% increase in first mortgage originations in the first quarter of 2015.

By Tim Mislansky | May 7, 2015

TILA/RESPA integrated disclosure is so much more than a disclosure regulation. Many believe it will be a bigger deal than the Qualified Mortgage rule from January 2014.

Kevin Heal, vice president of Callahan Financial Services, discusses how to use the U.S. Treasury yield curve to price loans.

By CU Student Choice | April 27, 2015

A student loan can be one of the most life-empowering loans a credit union can ever make. But in an era of rising debt and negativity surrounding the product, can private education lending create win-win situations for both borrowers and lenders?

By Sam Taft | April 20, 2015

Credit unions demonstrate a commitment to add numbers to their employee rosters and dollars to their employee salaries.

By Erik Payne | April 19, 2015

Real comments from online review sites can help credit unions address dead zones in their application approval process, reduce the burden in employee reporting, and serve members whose schedules and preferences conflict with the institution’s service delivery strategy.

By The Servion Group | April 6, 2015

Strong partnerships can push credit union lending business around the base paths.

Partner Perspective
Motivating Millennial Homebuyers

By CU Members Mortgage | April 6, 2015

Low down payments and social media can help mortgage lenders speak language Gen Y buyers understand.

Partner Perspective
TILA/RESPA Preparation Check-In

By CUNA Mutual Group | April 6, 2015

Now is the time to get ready for mortgage disclosure changes coming Aug. 1.

By | April 6, 2015

Credit unions can use number crunching to identify mortgage and HELOC candidates.

By Fannie Mae | April 6, 2015

Appraisal risk application supports proactive management of appraisal quality and improves customer relationship tools.

By Sam Taft | April 6, 2015

Homeownership rates, origination volume, market share, and more in this Graphic Of The Week.

By Marc Rapport | April 3, 2015

How an Alabama credit union built a double bottom line one non-traditional mortgage at a time.

By Erik Payne | March 9, 2015

How TruStone Financial’s tiered pricing matrix facilitates instant loan decisions for autos and recreational vehicles.

By Marc Rapport | March 2, 2015

Emerging technology is addressing back-end automation and front-end security within the credit union walls.

By Elan Financial Services | March 2, 2015

Effective underwriting facilitates two primary benefits: driving profitable loan growth and engaging members.

By Ellie Mae | March 2, 2015

Credit Unions should consider these four tips to make sure they're ready for the change.

By Janet Lee | March 2, 2015

Seven graphics highlight where the credit union industry gained the most momentum during the past year.

By Sam Taft | Feb. 26, 2015

These seven charts highlight how things have changed in the past year and offer insight into what it means for credit unions moving forward.

By Sharon Simpson | Feb. 24, 2015

Patelco Credit Union takes a holistic view when it comes to evaluating investment decisions.

By Tim Mislansky | Feb. 13, 2015

Qualified mortgage rules should reflect bigger credit unions as part of the solution, not part of the problem.

By Andrew Bolton | Feb. 12, 2015

A New Jersey credit union uses two channels to boost new auto loans in fourth quarter 2014.

By Janet Lee | Feb. 12, 2015

First mortgage loans outstanding and originations accelerated during the fourth quarter at the Florida credit union.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc. | Jan. 30, 2015

Ent Federal Credit Union describes its Realtor education classes.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc. | Jan. 30, 2015

Jon Paukovitch from Ent Federal Credit Union describes the Realtor education classes that propel its successful mortgage origination program.

By Drew Grossman | Jan. 26, 2015

When indirect lending margins at Orange County’s Credit Union started to shrink, the $1.2 billion cooperative injected life into its auto portfolio with a new focus, a fresh marketing campaign, and different metrics.

Partner Perspective
The Future Of Auto Loans

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | Nov. 14, 2014

Digital technologies have changed the auto-buying process, but superior customer service is never out of style.

By Aaron Pugh | Nov. 10, 2014

The Empire State credit union uses a Federal Home Loan Bank of New York program to increase homeownership among its low-income members.

By Andrew Bolton | Nov. 5, 2014

This northern Minnesota financial co-op boosted its consumer lending almost four times higher in the first nine months of 2014.

By Rebecca Wessler | Nov. 3, 2014

Four realtor associations from states with the highest credit union mortgage market share offer advice on how to build credit union-Realtor relationships.

By Marc Rapport | Oct. 23, 2014

Regulator moves give compliance pros a mixed view of what's happening and what's to come.

By Kevin Heal | Oct. 20, 2014

Rates for the U.S. Treasury 10-year note are lower today than they were in the beginning of the year, which means the time is ripe to recapture loans.

By Drew Grossman | Oct. 15, 2014

Technology offerings like smart kiosks at Bellco Credit Union free up universal employees to build deeper member relationships, originate loans, and cross-sell products.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2014

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 29, 2014

A fresh look at the properties, terms, and outreach credit unions are using to keep loans from falling through the cracks.

By Andrew Bolton | Aug. 22, 2014

More auto loans and higher credit card balances are the primary source of growth in the industry’s loan portfolio.

By Rebecca Wessler | Aug. 20, 2014

The first six months of 2014 have been all about lending lending lending — and credit unions have the performance to prove it.

By Erik Payne | April 9, 2014

The ANATOMY series is a quarterly, multi-feature profile that explores the strategies and analyzes the performance of an exemplary credit union.

By Chris Howard | April 7, 2014

In the hands of skilled credit union underwriters, creative loan structures can help deserving buyers acquire affordable homes and achieve the American Dream.

By Fannie Mae | April 7, 2014

An updated post-purchase review process and feedback loop gives lenders information to help them identify and address potential issues in their business processes.

By Janet Lee | April 7, 2014

Rising rates have stifled mortgage originations at the national level. But which states are bucking that trend?

By Andrew Bolton | March 27, 2014

Originations at financial cooperatives in the Buckeye State increased 6.7% in 2013, one of many trends that exceeded industry averages.

By Andrew Bolton | March 26, 2014

Lending, originations, revenue, and membership all show how the state’s financial cooperatives have positioned themselves for success this year.

By Janet Lee | Feb. 24, 2014

Credit unions have much to celebrate when they visit their legislators during this year's GAC. Here are five significant ways credit unions impacted their communities and members in 2013.

By Andrew Bolton | Jan. 31, 2014

Callahan’s FirstLook data shows increased originations as consumer lending continues to gain ground in the portfolio.

By Janet Lee | Nov. 14, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | Nov. 12, 2013

Credit union first mortgage originations beat 2012’s record pace through the first nine months of 2013.

By Andrew Bolton | Nov. 7, 2013

A Gang Of Three

By Aaron Pugh | Oct. 7, 2013

When it comes to outbound calling, you don’t need an army to fuel amazing loan growth, just a few key players.

By Catherine Siskos | Oct. 7, 2013

Both automated and decentralized underwriting systems offer pros and cons to consider.

By Aaron Pugh | Oct. 1, 2013

Take an in-depth look at Heritage Federal Credit Union's competitive processes.

By Janet Lee | Oct. 1, 2013

By Catherine Siskos | Sept. 16, 2013

The high-stakes, high-dollar value of commercial lending boosts and diversifies Technology Credit Union’s loan portfolio.

By Drew Grossman | Sept. 2, 2013

The Washington credit union is turning its indirect lending program into a 100% electric business by October 1.

By Alix Patterson | Aug. 29, 2013

By Drew Grossman | Aug. 5, 2013

A Colorado credit union gained members and loans when it first managed, and then purchased, the Boulder branch of an Indiana-based credit union.

By Alix Patterson | June 13, 2013

By Aaron Pugh | May 21, 2013

Intuitive product development and positioning helped turn on the tap for new lending in a Florida community.

By Alix Patterson | May 10, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | May 8, 2013

By Impac Companies | May 6, 2013

Financing properties for renovation requires a thorough understanding on behalf of borrowers.

By Andrew Bolton | May 6, 2013

Publically available data provides market intelligence to help credit unions compete.

By Alix Patterson | April 24, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | April 5, 2013

By remaining vigilant of interest rate risk and implementing mitigation strategies, credit unions can continue to safely provide great mortgage options to members.

By Drew Grossman | April 4, 2013

Video conferencing offers members the right mix of efficiency and personalization.

By Yun Ma | April 2, 2013

San Francisco Federal Credit Union increased loan volume 12% by identifying shortcomings within both the institution and market.

By Alix Patterson | April 2, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | March 15, 2013

By Aaron Pugh | March 11, 2013

A focused sales mentality in remote services has led to unprecedented ROI for one Indiana credit union.

By Andrew Bolton | March 11, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | March 5, 2013

By Mark Reed | March 4, 2013

After the impressive gains in auto loan portfolios last year, credit unions may be poised for an even better 2013.

By Drew Grossman | Feb. 25, 2013

Versatile employees with critical-thinking skills wear many hats to streamline customer service at branches.

By Andrew Bolton | Feb. 25, 2013

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 28, 2013

Now is the time for credit unions to invest in three key strategic areas to drive success in 2013: mortgage lending, younger member recruitment, and sophisticated data usage.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | Jan. 28, 2013

The Arizona-based credit union expands its back office and looks past HARP and refinances to achieve even greater success in 2013.

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 15, 2013

How a new corporate sponsor helps a struggling Florida credit union rebrand and regain financial health.

By Jay Johnson | Jan. 15, 2013

As consumers examine their financial services options, the credit union approach of putting members’ needs first is opening new opportunities for the industry.

By Andrew Bolton | Jan. 8, 2013

By myCUmortgage | Jan. 7, 2013

As sources for revenue decrease, lenders must get the most out of each loan and be aware of how their pricing stacks up to the competition.

By Mark Reed | Jan. 7, 2013

While expense management is still a central focus for credit unions going into 2013, many are hiring employees and looking to increase productivity to drive new revenue.

By Callahan & Associates | Dec. 31, 2012

Key articles to help you take stock of where you are and where you want to be.

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 31, 2012

Element Federal has lessons for all credit unions when it comes to innovation.

By Alix Patterson | Dec. 21, 2012

By Rebecca McClay | Dec. 3, 2012

Texas-based Navy Army Community Credit Union’s loan growth surge in 3Q 2012 proves some risk is worth taking.

By Andrew Bolton | Nov. 15, 2012

Growth in mortgages and consumer loans herald record 2012.

By Jay Johnson | Oct. 22, 2012

In an environment in which consumers are looking for a better way, credit unions are standing apart.

By Bailey Reutzel | Oct. 8, 2012

MECU supports Habitat for Humanity with interest-free loans and financial literacy help for new homeowners.

By Lydia Cole | Aug. 14, 2012

During the second quarter of 2012, credit unions originated their highest-ever loan volume.

By Aaron Pugh | Aug. 13, 2012

With $314M in assets, Dallas-based Neighborhood Credit Union generated an upswing in auto by bundling in loan forgiveness and other benefits.

By Lydia Cole | Aug. 7, 2012

Credit unions excel in building the loan portfolio as well as member relationships.

By Callahan & Associates | Aug. 6, 2012

Mortgage lenders can brush up on the details of the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act.

By Lydia Cole | June 25, 2012

Key metrics to evaluate credit union marketing spend and bridge the gap between macro trends and micro performance.

By Jay Johnson | June 18, 2012

Consumers have emerged from the economic downturn with new power and are contributing to record financial figures.

By Kelley Blue Book | June 18, 2012

Lenders should proceed with caution in financing hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles.

By Rebecca Wessler | June 12, 2012

Get an in-depth perspective on Members 1st Federal Credit Union's successful lending strategies.

By Victoria Taylor | June 12, 2012

Gen Y is facing unprecedented economic hardships, but they don’t deserve to be lured into unhealthy financial products.

By Rebecca McClay | June 11, 2012

Credit unions catering to Ukrainian Americans are finding their footing in lending while reducing delinquency.

By Mark Reed | May 14, 2012

Credit unions originated their highest loan volume for first quarters, helping members take advantage of historically low interest rates.

By Bailey Reutzel | May 14, 2012

Northern Skies Credit Union originates a substantial amount of used auto loans in the Anchorage area.

By Lydia Cole | April 25, 2012

Credit unions score record quarter for originations and hit historic milestone with assets.

By Bailey Reutzel | April 16, 2012

The reintroduced member business lending bill has been a hot topic of discussion.

By Rebecca McClay | April 2, 2012

Arlington Community Federal Credit Union recognizes that young adults ready to buy their first car might need help with saving funds and purchasing the vehicle.

By Andrew Bolton | Feb. 27, 2012

Cooperatives increased the volume of member business loan originations to $11.9 billion in 2011, from a previous high of $11.3 billion in 2008.

By Rebecca Wessler | Feb. 27, 2012

Credit unions added $6.4 billion in earnings to their bottom lines with another $1.9 billion contributed to the NCUA insurance reserve expenses.

By Rebecca McClay | Feb. 13, 2012

Tom Dorety, president and CEO of Suncoast Schools Credit Union, and Frank Pollack, president and CEO of Pentagon Federal Credit Union, reflect on 2011 accomplishments and 2012 goals.

By Rebecca McClay | Feb. 6, 2012

Callahan & Associates’ senior analyst Lydia Cole describes the latest mortgage trends in the credit union industry.

By Lydia Cole | Feb. 6, 2012

The fourth quarter of 2011 was one of the strongest quarters for first mortgage originations for 6,445 FirstLook credit unions.

By Rebecca McClay | Feb. 6, 2012

Callahan & Associates’ senior analyst Lydia Cole describes the latest mortgage trends in the credit union industry.

By Andrew Bolton | Jan. 30, 2012

The first wave of credit unions reporting fourth quarter financials reveals that the pace of loan originations has picked up over 2010 levels.

By Rebecca McClay | Jan. 30, 2012

The Alabama credit union was primed for a windfall of new members from the area's closing community banks.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2012

As credit unions set the course for the new year, they must decide whether to evolve the cooperative model or borrow strategic principles from their for-profit competitors.

By Rebecca McClay | Dec. 19, 2011

The New York-based credit union has an “aggressive” incentive program that Brenda Carhart, senior vice president of lending for Empower, says has paid off.

By Brianne Aiken | Nov. 30, 2011

West-AirComm Federal Credit Union executives explain how their annual $2,500 holiday loan has been a win-win situation.

By | Nov. 30, 2011

West-AirComm Federal Credit Union executives explain how their annual $2,500 holiday loan has been a win-win situation.

By Rebecca McClay | Nov. 28, 2011

Credit unions can offer special short-term loans and financial counseling during these high-spending months.

By Alix Patterson | Nov. 28, 2011

Credit unions continue to grow their loan portfolios.

By Rebecca McClay | Oct. 31, 2011

Fort Worth Community Credit Union’s three-year-old program has helped boost its auto loans by 37% in the third quarter.

By Andrew Bolton | Oct. 31, 2011

Year-to-date loan originations are up for co-ops in the third quarter of 2011, according to early data.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 24, 2011

With more than 2,900 credit unions reporting, the credit union industry is seeing greater loan volume and balance sheet loan growth among other positive areas.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

Tips to improve the Board, the staff, and yourself.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

Quarterly loan originations, outstanding modified mortgages, and retail deposit market share are all featured in this month's data spread to further depict the increasing role of credit unions in our economy today.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

Credit unions posted strong financial performance in a volatile marketplace.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

2Q 2011 Peer Group Performance Comparison: Distribution of all Assets & Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, Distribution of State Performance: YTD Auto Loan Market Share

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

Here are four key metrics from American Flag Credit Union's two-year report. Use this credit union's performance to kick-start the dialogue with your Board members or management team about important performance indicators to watch.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

Net income is improving, and credit unions are stepping up their marketing efforts.

By Lydia Cole | Sept. 5, 2011

A post-merger financial analysis of United Federal Credit Union.

By Callahan & Associates | Sept. 5, 2011

Consumer loan originations were up 10% in the first six months of 2011 compared to a year prior.

By Lydia Cole | Aug. 29, 2011

The credit unions' performance in second quarter of 2011 reflects local economies.

Partner Perspective
Prepare For The Next Refi Boom

By myCUmortgage | Aug. 22, 2011

How can credit unions use the drops in 30- and 15-year fixed mortgage rates to deepen member relationships?

Top Of The Hill

By Thomas Cullen | Aug. 8, 2011

McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union thrives because of its strong products and determination to save members money.

By Aaron Pugh | July 2, 2011

Credit unions with a local commitment and a national eye can learn a lot from United Federal's example of growth.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2011

1Q 2011 Peer Group Performance Comparison: The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, Distribution of State Performance: YTD Auto Loan Market Share

By Andrew Bolton | June 27, 2011

Increased loan originations and strong earnings show credit unions in this Sand State are far from sunk.

By Rebecca McClay | June 20, 2011

As the structure of the financial services system evolves with the economic recovery, credit unions are poised to become the community lenders of the 21st Century.

By Fannie Mae | April 25, 2011

Whole loan sales are a straightforward and simple secondary market transaction.

By Callahan & Associates | April 21, 2011

If the real estate portfolio isn’t broken, don’t fix it ... grow it!

By Andrew Bolton | April 11, 2011

Delinquency and net charge-off rates are falling amid a recovering economy.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2011

The industry responded to member need in 2010 and positioned itself for the tremendous opportunity for the coming year.

By Aaron Pugh | April 1, 2011

Take an in-depth look at how GTE got going in tough times.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | April 1, 2011

Loan specials and lending value will continue in 2011.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2011

Leverage the online channel.

By Aaron Pugh | March 28, 2011

Achieving success on and off the balance sheet is possible but requires strategic positioning.

By Andrew Bolton | March 28, 2011

Increased competition and low interest rates nudge market share closer to normal levels.

Storm Busters

By Aaron Pugh | March 17, 2011

Credit union mortgage modifications keep the dream of home ownership alive in North Carolina.

Home Sweet Loan

By Callahan & Associates | March 17, 2011

First mortgage activity bolstered the balance sheet as modifications kept recession-weathered members in their homes.

Live and Loan

By Aaron Pugh | March 14, 2011

The last three months of 2010 broke records and set the pace for a promising 2011.

By Aaron Pugh | March 14, 2011

The last three months of 2010 broke records and set the pace for a promising 2011.

By Alix Patterson | March 7, 2011

With spring comes a rosier reality than many economic analysts forecasted.

By Rebecca Wessler | Feb. 28, 2011

Near-record ROA. Loan growth. Addition of services. What the industry can learn from a Midwestern credit union.

By Jay Johnson | Feb. 21, 2011

Five trends highlight how the industry is positioned to meet consumer demand in 2011.

By Thomas Cullen | Feb. 14, 2011

Solid pricing and a time-tested strategy helped Star One Credit Union generate loan growth in 2010.

By Lydia Cole | Feb. 14, 2011

Originations, sales, and growth, oh my!

By Lydia Cole | Feb. 7, 2011

Credit unions finished 2010 focused on three areas: asset quality, loan volume, and earnings.

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 31, 2011

Utilize existing infrastructures and resources to create credit union awareness.

By Nick Connors | Jan. 24, 2011

The third quarter volume is the strongest quarterly period of first mortgage originations in more than a year.

By Alix Patterson | Jan. 20, 2011

The top 10 credit unions in 12 month outstanding real estate growth.

Find Your Way

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 20, 2011

10 credit union leaders in mortgage servicing portfolios.

By Thomas Cullen | Jan. 20, 2011

Key metrics illustrate the climate of real estate lending.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 19, 2011

Pay attention to this Pennsylvania credit union that quadrupled its asset base in a decade.

By Thomas Cullen | Jan. 10, 2011

Organizational strength and flexibility help ease the fears of first-time homebuyers.

Paradigm Shift

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 10, 2011

What would your credit union do if it lost one-third of its lending portfolio? Creighton Federal Credit Union rolled with the punches.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2011

As 2010 comes to a close, economic releases are revealing surprising strength in the U.S. economy.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2011

Credit unions that accept debit and credit payments on loan balances capitalize on purchasing trends and maximize call center value.

By Jay Johnson | Dec. 13, 2010

Credit unions have turned in strong financial performances throughout 2010.

By Nick Connors | Dec. 6, 2010

Credit unions can draft big plans for 2011.

By Nick Connors | Nov. 18, 2010

State auto data shows how credit unions are performing at home.

By Fannie Mae | Nov. 15, 2010

Errors in data quality and underwriting analysis can cause repurchase requests or funding or pooling delays. The Loan Quality Initiative helps reduce errors before delivery.

By Aaron Pugh | Nov. 4, 2010

To recapture members' card balances, think outside the promotion box.

By Rebecca Wessler | Nov. 2, 2010

Get a jump-start on your strategic planning with fresh data from FirstLook credit unions.

By Alix Patterson | Nov. 1, 2010

National reports and local initiatives illustrate how responsible financial institutions help members save money, spend wisely, and jump-start economies.

By Chip Filson | Nov. 1, 2010

Credit unions help American consumers living paycheck to paycheck take advantage of historically low rates and reinvigorate the “grassroots” of the national economy.

By Lydia Cole | Nov. 1, 2010

Loan origination, asset quality, and earnings are still the focus of many credit unions.

By Rebecca Wessler | Oct. 21, 2010

With determination and superior service, Community First is cultivating its existing member relationships to bring members' loans in-house.

By Lydia Cole | Oct. 5, 2010

Understanding your credit union’s business model and performance is the first step in growing your loan portfolio.

By Alix Patterson | Sept. 27, 2010

A look at the credit unions that have originated more than $1.5 million in originations per employee during the first six months of 2010.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 6, 2010

KEMBA Financial Credit Union demonstrates what it means to find opportunity in all markets.

Partner Perspective
You’ve Got Earning Potential!

By myCUmortgage | Aug. 16, 2010

Increase your earning potential by putting the right people in the right positions.

By Nick Connors | July 12, 2010

Member business lending is bucking the 12-month trend of flat loan growth in the industry’s loan portfolio.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2010

1Q 2010: YTD Credit Union Auto Loan Origination Market Share by State, The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across all Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2010

As interest rates hamper loan yields, credit cards are becoming a vital source of income and a crucial component in institutional lending strategies.

By Aaron Pugh | June 28, 2010

How one San Francisco credit union met the needs of the taxi driver community, increased public safety, and drove home new loan opportunities.

By Rebecca Wessler | June 15, 2010

Community First Credit Union keeps its focus on community members in and outside of the cooperative.

By Denise Senecal | May 3, 2010

Preference among Internet-savvy members for online applications varies by age group, although not in expected ways.

By Elliott Kashner | April 26, 2010

The rapid growth of the reverse mortgage market is putting the loan under the spotlight.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2010

Converting opportunity into results is an industry challenge for 2010.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2010

Member business lending has become a staple for credit unions and continues to be a success.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2010

The collective performance of America's 7,710 credit unions in 2009 showed the public why they were granted a separate and distinct operating charter in 1934.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2010

Competition is back in lending. Here are three simple web strategies to continue your loan growth in 2010.

By CU Student Choice | March 29, 2010

After two years, 150 credit unions, and nearly $200 million in loans, CU Student Choice demonstrates its value as a partner in private student lending.

By Callahan & Associates | Feb. 18, 2010

3 themes dominated headlines in 2009: lending, asset quality, and earnings. And leaders in each of these categories demonstrate they may have just had the best year ever.

By Lydia Cole | Feb. 1, 2010

Preliminary fourth quarter highlights shine a light on 2010 performance.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 25, 2010

Data from fourth quarter shows an increase in adjustable and fixed rate loan balances.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 25, 2010

With smarter, more efficient efforts in 2010, credit unions can take the lead in lending.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 7, 2010

SECU's effective lending strategy keeps members first and never gets too complicated.

By Elliott Kashner | Jan. 4, 2010

The Refi Boom is over. Now, credit unions must start looking at the purchase market to increase market share in 2010.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2010

Partner Perspective
Shifting Gears

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | Nov. 30, 2009

The resulting tightening in the credit market has encouraged many credit unions to shift away from using indirect lending in this way, at least for the time being, preferring instead to refocus their efforts on building loan portfolios through their existing membership.

By Callahan & Associates | Nov. 23, 2009

Credit unions grabbed record market share in autos, mortgages, and credit cards the first half of 2009. Learn how the industry’s role as ‘first-responders’ to their member needs helped them find record lending success in 2009.

By Nick Connors | Nov. 23, 2009

Although declining credit availability at the largest lenders continues to make headlines in 2009, the credit union system is originating near-record loan volumes in the face of this contraction.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2009

Credit unions find ways to meet member needs as many consumers face tight credit conditions.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2009

To increase non-interest income and provide insurance solutions for members, credit unions should consider evaluating the performance of their loan protection products.

By Callahan & Associates | Aug. 17, 2009

By Sam Brownell | Aug. 11, 2009

Providing your employees with your credit union's key performance measurements in a way that they can easily understand is a powerful motivator.

By Sam Brownell | Aug. 3, 2009

According to data from Callahan & Associates' First Look program, credit unions are on pace for a record year of lending at a time when credit availability remains a key issue across the nation.

Partner Perspective
What a Year It Has Been…

By | Aug. 3, 2009

In the midst of the "worst economic recession in a century," credit union lending for home purchases and refinances is remarkably brisk.

By Nick Connors | June 8, 2009

While the income statement is getting most of the attention, key components of the credit union balance sheet have captured record growth in the first quarter.

By Elliott Kashner | May 25, 2009

The importance of credit unions in this struggling economic environment is so obvious, even Congress is taking notice.

By Callahan & Associates | May 11, 2009

By Dane Coalson | May 4, 2009

With the largest recipients of TARP assistance cutting back on lending, preliminary 1Q data shows credit unions continue to increase lending at a time when the country needs it most.

By Callahan & Associates | March 9, 2009

Erin Krause from Northwest FCU discusses how her credit union was able to gain member loyalty in this troubled economy.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2009

3Q Mortgage Data: Real Estate Purchase Index, Real Estate Refinance Index, Credit Union 1st Mortgage Originations, 1st Mortgage Originations CU Volume and Market Share, 1st Mortgage Delinquency: Credit Unions vs. Banks

By Jay Johnson | Dec. 1, 2008

The size, scope and speed of changes to the financial services market that took hold between July and September of 2008 were unprecedented.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2008

Many credit unions are not looking at loan protfolios heavily populated with fixed-rate loans originated during a (fairly lengthy) period of historically low-term interest rates.

By Jay Johnson | Sept. 8, 2008

Credit unions have systematically created intra-industry solutions to fulfill needs in payments, insurance, investment options and lending platforms. The major area in which credit unions continue to be dependent on third party solutions is the secondary mortgage market.

By Chris Tissue | Sept. 8, 2008

The damage from the mortgage meltdown and credit crunch continues to impact bank income statements and balance sheets in 2008. Credit unions, on the other hand, continue to reap the combined benefits of their cooperative business model.

Partner Perspective
Picture This

By Mortgage Cadence | Aug. 18, 2008

A recent graph expertly presented and artfully delivered all that's transpired in the capital markets over the past two years in one painfully simply, yet poignant representation.

By Mike Werstuik | July 21, 2008

With the sub-prime mess continuing to cripple some lenders, credit unions remain relatively unharmed. How can they now leverage the internet to further seize this business opportunity?

By Mike Werstuik | July 7, 2008

The purchase market is becoming more attractive as home prices continue to fall. How can credit unions leverage their local presence to increase their share of this market?

By Brooke C. Stoddard | July 1, 2008

Wright-Patt CU wanted to set up a student lending program and found it could team with the new Credit Union Student Choice network.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

With gas and food prices, layoffs and buyouts up, consumers are recognizing the value of the cooperative model with membership topping 88.9 million and lending and share balances quickly growing.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

In un-charted times such as today, credit unions must work together to overcome current challenges and continue to be the most trusted provider of financial services in the nation.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

Leaders in 12-Month 1st Mortgage Origination Growth, Leaders in 1st Mortgage Originations Year-To-Date, Leaders in Real Estate Loan Concentration

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

Credit unions explain why they've partnered with Zopa, a "social finance" company.

Partner Perspective
Eighteen Months

By Mortgage Cadence | June 16, 2008

Credit unions are now recording some of the best mortgage lending results ever. Learn five ways your credit union can continue this momentum.

By Jay Johnson | June 2, 2008

In the midst of an economic squeeze and credit crunch, credit unions posted record lending activity in the first quarter. The credit union difference is evident in the quarter’s results.

By Dane Coalson | May 19, 2008

As more states crack down on predatory payday lenders, there is an opportunity for credit unions to step up and fill the void with healthier alternatives.

By Mike Werstuik | April 28, 2008

First quarter bank results released thus far have been average at best. How are credit unions faring as of March 2008? A “first look” shows credit unions in a strong and active position.

By Mike Werstuik | March 17, 2008

With the market environment changing almost daily, what key issues should credit unions concern themselves with? Share your thoughts on today’s key issues.

By Jay Johnson | Feb. 25, 2008

Credit union mortgage market share rose in each quarter of 2007, ending the year with the highest share ever posted by the industry.

By Mike Werstuik | Feb. 11, 2008

According to the Federal Reserve, 61 percent of banks have tightened underwriting standards on first mortgages. How are credit unions responding?

By Bob Burrell | Sept. 24, 2007

Non member loan participation and SBA programs help credit unions in the secondary market.

By Mortgage Cadence | Sept. 17, 2007

When conditions align, credit union consistency and reliability shine as an attractive solution as mortgage industry fumbles around in the dark.

By Mike Werstuik | Sept. 3, 2007

With 1,930 credit unions showing business loans on their books as of the 2nd quarter, member business lending continues to be a way in which credit unions are expanding services to help members.

By Mike Werstuik | Aug. 27, 2007

With both loans and shares growing faster than that of banks in the second quarter, credit unions are poised to gain market share in several key categories.

By Ryan Sherwin | Aug. 13, 2007

With 168 First Look credit unions reporting second quarter data, credit unions continue to outperform the market in mortgage originations.

By | Aug. 13, 2007

While representing just a shade more than 5% of total loans, member business lending is certainly the fastest growing sector for many credit unions.

By Mike Werstuik | July 30, 2007

With headlines of subprime abuses flooding the front pages of newspapers recently, how are credit unions stepping up and helping members who are struggling with their mortgages?

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2007

The first quarter was a good start in more ways than one.

By Mike Werstuik | June 11, 2007

Mortgage lending continues to be an area of credit union growth. In the first quarter, new information on interest-only mortgages and delinquencies show credit unions safely expanding their first mortgage product line.

By Jay Johnson | May 28, 2007

Recent headlines about non-prime mortgage programs, credit cards and student loans accentuate the enormous opportunities for credit unions in today’s market.

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2007

Despite excellent local penetration and a healthy economy, Citizens Equity First Credit Union (CEFCU) has identified three weaknesses about itself and is determined to improve them.

By Mike Werstuik | March 5, 2007

With a weakening housing market, credit unions were still able to gain market share in mortgage originations.

By Jay Johnson | March 5, 2007

The real estate market finally slowed in 2006, but the results for credit unions are not as daunting as anticipated.

By Jay Johnson | Aug. 28, 2006

Credit union results in the first six months of 2006 are running counter to headlines of a cooling housing market.

By Jay Johnson | May 29, 2006

Real estate loans outstanding rose 13.7 percent over the past 12 months according to first quarter data. The data also shows that rising rates are leading to a shift in member preference toward fixed rate real estate loans, particularly in home equity borrowings.

By Tom Geggel | Jan. 2, 2006

Credit unions retained only two percent of the origination market as of the third quarter. Establishing relationships with realtors and mortgage brokers is critical in a growing purchase market.

By Tom Geggel | April 25, 2005

Credit union executives are reporting that members are choosing adjustable rate mortgages over fixed rate products, even in today’s rising rate environment.

By Joe James | Aug. 25, 2003

In the third quarter, credit unions should be anticipating a decrease in their number of mortgage loan originations as refinancing slows due to the recent run-up in interest rates. In particular, higher rates on 30-year and 15-year fixed rate mortgages have deterred many from these loans and this will make it difficult for credit unions to generate higher mortgage loan volume.

By Denise Senecal | March 31, 2003

During a time of credit union mortgage success, Air Academy has increased mortgage production as well as member service.

By Denise Senecal | Sept. 23, 2002

The volume of mortgage applications continues to rise as interest rates have dropped to a 30 year low. First mortgage originations have also continued at peak levels, reaching $26.7 billion as of June 2002. This amount surpasses first mortgage originations for all of 2000, and represents a 39% increase over the same period one year ago. But will credit unions increase their share of the growing mortgage market in 2002?