By myCUmortgage | May 6, 2013

Credit unions must focus on how to evolve this crucial business moving forward.

By Drew Grossman | May 6, 2013

Star One Credit Union's real estate modification program lowers rates quickly and efficiently.

By Andrew Bolton | May 6, 2013

Publically available data provides market intelligence to help credit unions compete.


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By Alix Patterson | May 6, 2013

By myCUmortgage | March 11, 2013

The scrutiny that the recent mortgage lending collapse created makes compliance in this area more important than ever.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | Jan. 28, 2013

The Arizona-based credit union expands its back office and looks past HARP and refinances to achieve even greater success in 2013.

By Rebecca McClay | Oct. 15, 2012

Each mortgage modification a credit union makes to help members avoid foreclosure keeps the housing market in better health.

By Rebecca McClay | Oct. 15, 2012

Credit unions are triggering local economic rebounds in housing, employment, and small businesses.

By Melissa Forsyth | Oct. 1, 2012

With so many loyal members being impacted negatively by the economy over the past few years, Directions Credit Union found itself making more loans in the lower credit tiers. Instead of simply giving members a higher rate loan, the credit union decided to help members get back on the right track.

By Mark Reed | July 11, 2012

Credit unions should help members manage the money they save from refinancing their mortgage.