Small Business Administration (SBA)

By Mike Werstuik | Sept. 3, 2007

With 1,930 credit unions showing business loans on their books as of the 2nd quarter, member business lending continues to be a way in which credit unions are expanding services to help members.

By | Aug. 13, 2007

While representing just a shade more than 5% of total loans, member business lending is certainly the fastest growing sector for many credit unions.

By Mike Werstuik | June 18, 2007

Member business lending has been the fastest growing category of the lending portfolio over the last few years. To what extent have credit unions been assisting new businesses over the years using construction and development loans?


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By | Oct. 30, 2006

This final article in a three-part series on serving small business members addresses meeting their needs throughout their business’ life cycle while increasing retention, improving economic return and creating barriers to member attrition.

By Tom Geggel | Jan. 23, 2006

Which credit unions are using the Small Business Administration 7(a) program?