Small Business Administration (SBA)

By Sharon Simpson | Sept. 7, 2020

An Oklahoma credit union encourages business owners to wait to apply for forgiveness but has tools in place to assist members who want relief now.

By Sharon Simpson | Aug. 17, 2020

Five credit unions shares insights from their Paycheck Protection Program efforts.

By Duncan Bartley | July 8, 2020

PPP data from the Treasury Department indicates credit unions played a larger role in lending to smaller companies, underscoring the movement’s commitment to Main Street business borrowers.


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By E.C. Harrison | May 27, 2020

Portal crashes. Controversies. Confusion. Despite a shaky start, the Paycheck Protection Program is providing badly needed capital to more than 4.3 million small businesses nationwide.

By E.C. Harrison | April 27, 2020

Sixty-hour work weeks, constant virtual meetings, and imminent deadlines. The world of business lending is busier than ever before, but in many ways the work also is more rewarding.

By Sharon Simpson | March 23, 2020

Carolina Foothills FCU is working with the City of Spartanburg to coach startups and fill a critical funding gap. That’s important because small-business support is now more important than ever.

By E.C. Harrison | Feb. 24, 2020

A meeting between a socially minded lender in Texas and a credit union in Florida leads to an innovative microlending program with nationwide applicability.

By Rebecca Wessler | Dec. 23, 2019

Five ways to serve members by providing the credit they need, when they need it.

By Rebecca Wessler | Aug. 5, 2019

These credit unions rallied around the needs of members to uncover hidden potential in the loan portfolio.

By Rebecca Wessler | June 17, 2019

Five can't-miss data points this week on CreditUnions.com.

By E.C. Harrison | June 17, 2019

Four credit unions with deep experience in SBA lending weigh in on building an effective program that frees up capital and minimizes risk.

By Liz Furman | April 1, 2018

At year-end 2016, see which credit unions lead the way in six key cooperative metrics.

By Marc Rapport | April 24, 2017

How a Northwest credit union partners with three other credit unions and a local CDFI lender to help microbusinesses prosper.

By Michelle Parker | March 21, 2016

These credit unions are moving the needle on SBA lending, ensuring small businesses get the financing they need to flourish.

By Jon Jeffreys | Jan. 4, 2016

Crowdfunding provides opportunities for credit unions, small businesses, investors, and local communities.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 21, 2015

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Marc Rapport | June 22, 2015

Community First’s referral partnership with its local university small business center mixes money with mission.

By Erik Payne | Aug. 11, 2014

Three startups find a niche making business loans, but how much competition are they for credit unions?

By Erik Payne | June 25, 2014

A small business loan by Boston Brewing Company offers inspiration for credit unions.

By Erik Payne | Sept. 23, 2013

Crowdfunding is the next big thing in lending, but is it better than what credit unions offer?

By Drew Grossman | Sept. 16, 2013

How Members Choice Credit Union started an SBA lending department to spark new business in the Houston area.

By Callahan & Associates | Sept. 4, 2013

Learn more about Members' Choice CU small business lending program. They discuss the pros and cons of different lending models.

By Mark Reed | April 30, 2013

By Rebecca McClay | July 30, 2012

121 Financial Credit Union is finding its business lending program is paying off in mortgages and SBA loans.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

Business lending CUSOs are a valuable resource for the revitalization of local economies.

By Andrew Bolton | Aug. 22, 2011

Credit unions across the country are using their knowledge of local markets to boost the community's economy.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | April 1, 2011

The spirit of entrepreneurship is taking the wheel in 2011.

By Aaron Pugh | March 30, 2011

Small business lending remains a national focus, but credit unions aren’t always top of mind for business owners ... yet.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2010

The right technology supports the products and services business members seek.

By Aaron Pugh | July 16, 2010

From disenfranchised consumers to small business owners cut off from funds by for-profit institutions, the recovering nation finds a ready and willing partner in the cooperative system.

By Sam Brownell | March 22, 2010

John Wade of the SBA discusses trends in member business lending, demand for credit by small businesses, the MBL cap, and the proclivity of credit unions to help small businesses.

By TransUnion | March 22, 2010

Tightened standards at banks have reduced the availability of loans for small business owners. The need for small business loans is now greater than the supply.

By Sam Brownell | March 5, 2010

The extension of S.B.A. Loan Guarantees gives further incentive for credit unions to prove their worth.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2008

By revamping an exisiting business lending program, Randolph-Brooks drove dramatic growth without compromising their strong member service.

By Dane Coalson | Sept. 15, 2008

By revamping an existing business lending program, Randolph-Brooks drove dramatic growth without compromising their strong member service.

By Mike Werstuik | June 23, 2008

As national and regional banks pull back from the small business market due to tighter underwriting standards, credit unions are presented with an opportunity to expand their foothold in this market.

By Mike Werstuik | Sept. 3, 2007

With 1,930 credit unions showing business loans on their books as of the 2nd quarter, member business lending continues to be a way in which credit unions are expanding services to help members.

By | Aug. 13, 2007

While representing just a shade more than 5% of total loans, member business lending is certainly the fastest growing sector for many credit unions.

By Mike Werstuik | June 18, 2007

Member business lending has been the fastest growing category of the lending portfolio over the last few years. To what extent have credit unions been assisting new businesses over the years using construction and development loans?

By | Oct. 30, 2006

This final article in a three-part series on serving small business members addresses meeting their needs throughout their business’ life cycle while increasing retention, improving economic return and creating barriers to member attrition.

By Tom Geggel | Jan. 23, 2006

Which credit unions are using the Small Business Administration 7(a) program?