Market Motivation

Three sectors of the U.S. economy bring a sense of optimism and highlight opportunity for credit unions.


When an economy is thriving, consumers buy and companies sell goods and services with incredible speed. People are confident about the stability of their jobs and therefore make purchases for both need and pleasure. Three MSNBC articles outline how that kind of purchase environment is re-materializing in a few areas of the American economy:

These developments are promising but not perfect. Credit unions can spur auto sales through dealer collaboration and attractive loan programs. They can prompt consumer spending by helping members save money within existing budgets (perhaps through refinancing). And they can make the credit union a place for unemployed members to gather and share jobs leads; this role is especially important in areas of the country where manufacturing is an essential part of local business.

Members appreciate credit unions for their differences, and brighter economic news reinforces the credit union opportunity to affect positive change within local communities.