Member Service … And Then Some

Credit unions across the United States are demonstrating the real difference of the cooperative financial system.


Last month I wrote an Off the CUff post titled The Big Differences Small Gestures Make. You, our readers, responded positively to Vantage West’s member-centric story. Superior member service is happening all over the United States, and the strategy is demonstrating the real difference in the cooperative financial system. Hey, there’s a reason 89% of credit union members are satisfied with their “banking” experiences. 

“Because our products and services are similar to those at other financial institutions, we differentiate ourselves by taking care of members — and one other — better than anyone else can or will,” says Doug Fecher, CEO of Wright-Patt Credit Union.

That’s a succinct summation of the credit union experience. So in the spirit of the holiday season, and to spread a little cheer and inspiration, here are two more stories of superior credit union service.

In November, Wright-Patt Credit Union helped a new member couple sort out problems with their Chase credit card account. Chase was charging a monthly fee for an identity protection service the members did not recall enrolling in. The members did not speak English very well and did not understand the correspondences with Chase. Michelle, an employee at Wright-Patt, called Chase to help the couple dispute the charges, and, at the members’ request, close the account. The couple later returned with more letters, which confirmed that Chase closed the account and refunded many of the identity protection charges. 

The members, who were relatively new to the credit union, were thrilled with Wright-Patt’s service. They did not have friends or family in the area to help them with the language barrier and were grateful for Michelle’s assistance, calling her their guardian angel.

Likewise, Security Service Federal Credit Union stresses the importance of member service. Its staff finds ways to solve all kinds of problems, even those that fall outside of run-of-the-mill financial issues.

Case in point: An SSFCU member who was also a member of the military was trying to ship a vehicle overseas but was having issues because of the vehicle’s insurance. At the credit union, the member realized the car wasn’t insured through Security Service, yet SSFCU staff made all the necessary phone calls and arrangements to resolve the situation. Now that’s superior service.

Have you got a story? Send it to me.

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Dec. 16, 2010



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