By Bret Remey | April 25, 2005

At year-end, 1,029 credit unions reported loan participation activity with over 7.4 billion in participations outstanding.

By Bret Remey | April 11, 2005

Is there a strong correlation between above industry average share growth and share draft penetration? Within top five states in share draft accounts per member, it seems to be so.

By Bret Remey | March 21, 2005

Service revenue is growing. For all credit unions, service revenue grew by 13.53 % from last year. Callahan compiled data on service revenue sources from 76 credit unions, representing over 12% of the industry’s assets.

By Bret Remey | March 14, 2005

Chip Filson provided an analysis of the past year accompanied by two firsthand case studies and an economic overview in last week’s year-end Trendwatch call.

By Bret Remey | March 7, 2005

Over the past year interest rates have been on the rise, but quarterly loan yields have continued to fall. What should credit unions expect in the coming year?

By Bret Remey | Feb. 28, 2005

Loan production is pushing the loan to share ratio upward. Will shares support this growth? Perhaps. But credit union managers are redefining growth strategies to extend credit to more of its membership.

By Bret Remey | Feb. 21, 2005

We looked at the past ten years of performance and the fourth quarter data for the top ten credit unions to predict what the industry should expect in the next decade.

By Bret Remey | Jan. 17, 2005

Quarterly ROA rose to six basis points to reach 98 basis points in the third quarter. The rise is partially attributed to many credit unions creating efficiencies within their organization and expanding non-interest income opportunities to grow revenue.

By Bret Remey | Dec. 6, 2004

Second mortgage and home equity line of credit (HELOC) product lines increased in the third quarter. Find out what contributed to the growth and the projected future impact.

By Bret Remey | Nov. 15, 2004

Loan growth during the third quarter pushed forward while share growth lagged behind, according to Callahan's First Look project. Find out what the results indicate for the entire industry.