ARTICLES BY Annie Sebastian

By Annie Sebastian | April 30, 2007

By matching goals to components of the retirement cycle, Mission hopes to meet the needs of members as they reach their Golden Years.

By Annie Sebastian | Jan. 15, 2007

Credit unions are moving beyond philanthropy and creating local partnerships that invest in the members, communities, and organizations.

By Annie Sebastian | Oct. 16, 2006

Although separated by miles of sea and land, 2006’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and America’s credit unions can find common ground in their mission of economic and social change.

By Annie Sebastian | Sept. 18, 2006

H&R Block’s recent decision to form a commercial bank can be a challenge or an opportunity for credit unions.

By Annie Sebastian | Aug. 28, 2006

Beyond the rhetoric, AAFCU members demonstrate that shared branching is a service they need and use.

By Annie Sebastian | July 17, 2006

Communication strategies can help both credit unions and members realize the full benefits afforded by shared branching.

By Annie Sebastian | June 26, 2006

Shared branching enables credit unions to compete with the largest national banks in a cost-effective, member-friendly manner.

By Annie Sebastian | May 29, 2006

Ent FCU provides a strong example of the need to continuously reevaluate one’s RBP program to ensure it meets both the members’ and the credit union’s needs.

By Annie Sebastian | May 15, 2006

While new members are desirable, a renewed focus on existing members may stimulate much needed growth in the credit union industry.

By Annie Sebastian | May 8, 2006

With a shift in lifestyle, the baby boomers will demand changes in the array of credit union products and services.