By Brad Myers | June 19, 2006

While credit unions may be inclined to adopt a retail business model for HSAs, they may wish to consider developing wholesale capabilities to align themselves with the market opportunity.

By Brad Myers | June 5, 2006

Credit unions have a window of opportunity to stake their claim to the burgeoning HSA market, but the window may not remain open for long.

By Brad Myers | March 20, 2006

Although every merger situation is unique, we have identified five prerequisites for achieving a successful merger negotiation.

By Brad Myers | Feb. 27, 2006

Over the past two years, there has been roughly one credit union merger a day. According to conversations with a number of credit union CEOs, there are five reasons to consider a merger

By Brad Myers | Oct. 31, 2005

While the natural tendency is to scale back expectations in the event of a disaster, credit unions need to over-prepare in their contingency plans.

By Brad Myers | Oct. 24, 2005

The Gulf Coast hurricanes illustrate how inter-dependent the credit union community is today. Reevaluating disaster recovery plans is more important than ever.

By Brad Myers | Sept. 19, 2005

Board composition is a key consideration in ensuring that credit unions are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

By Brad Myers | Sept. 12, 2005

Credit union boards that understand their proper role in the organization and have the capacity to meet their obligations serve as effective catalysts for growth and member value.

By Brad Myers | Sept. 5, 2005

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, restoring capability to help the over 230,000 members access their savings is paramount, and achieving this requires a collective response.

By Brad Myers | Aug. 22, 2005

Developing a strategic roadmap is important for credit unions trying to close the gap between the goals they set and the results they see.