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By Debra Sondak | Aug. 7, 2007

As Baby Boomers age, so do their offspring. The target customer for financial services institutions and credit card companies is someone between the ages of 15 and 24 – the teenager.

By Debra Sondak | May 21, 2007

Affinity relationships have the ability to bolster a credit union’s card portfolio. Learn how one credit union leveraged its affinity relationship into a 41.3% credit card penetration and a 9.58% 12-month credit card loan growth.

By Debra Sondak | April 30, 2007

Are affinity cards another way to continue credit unions’ double-digit credit card growth momentum?

By Debra Sondak | Jan. 29, 2007

Reach the 16-25 year old demographic using their primary mode of communication, the online channel, and fun, humorous streaming videos produced by

By Debra Sondak | Nov. 6, 2006

By developing an effective strategy, in less than two years this credit union boosted its member loyalty score by over 10 percent!

By Debra Sondak | Oct. 23, 2006

If loyalty is a measure of commitment and an indicator of future behavior, then why is member satisfaction measured more frequently than member loyalty?

By Debra Sondak | Oct. 9, 2006

In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In this the year of two thousand and six, Columbus Credit Union shines above the mix!

By Debra Sondak | Sept. 25, 2006

The Net Promoter® Score is a metric that measures how likely your members will recommend the credit union. Where does your credit union fall on the scale? Are your members promoters or detractors?

By Debra Sondak | Sept. 4, 2006

More than just a three-day weekend, Labor Day celebrates the blue collar lifeblood of America's economy -- including manufacturing credit unions.

By Debra Sondak | Aug. 14, 2006

Mortgage-backed securities can offer juicy yields, but require careful attention and selection to balance return and risk.