ARTICLES BY Alexandra Gekas

By Alexandra Gekas | April 7, 2011

Give a voice to your strongest supporters.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 11, 2010

A young member waxes poetic about his love for his credit union.

By Alexandra Gekas | July 9, 2010

This is where the teaser goes.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 24, 2010

Gen Y members are stereotyped as being independent, tech savvy, and narcissist. How can credit unions take advantage of these supposed personality traits?

By Alexandra Gekas | June 17, 2010

After a student banker finds herself in the midst of credit card troubles she seeks credit union alternatives on her road to financial recovery.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 15, 2010

My bank cancelled my credit card and destroyed my credit score with repeated inquires. Now it won’t answer any of my questions about my account or its action. I’m looking for answers, and a credit union solution, to help me on my road to financial recovery.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 4, 2010

With little knowledge of the industry, one Callahan intern grapples with numbers and trends to highlight the important findings of first quarter 2010 data.