ARTICLES BY Alexandra Gekas

By Alexandra Gekas | March 29, 2021

Completing these steps will help you avoid writer’s block and set you up for writing success.

By Alexandra Gekas | April 13, 2020

It’s not easy to lead a team when members are dispersed across a city, state, or country. These tips will help take the pain out of off-site leadership.

By Alexandra Gekas | March 20, 2020

Even as reality changes by the day, credit unions can provide stability and support to worried members.

By Alexandra Gekas | Sept. 30, 2019

Planning and variety go a long way in helping credit unions steadily create content that showcases their brand and humanity without breaking the budget.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 24, 2019

These key do’s and don’ts will help any credit union build a superior member experience program in a snap.

By Alexandra Gekas | Jan. 23, 2019

Google constantly changes its algorithm. How can credit unions keep their local searches competitive? Check out these tips for the new year.

By Alexandra Gekas | Dec. 17, 2018

Credit unions across the country spread cheer on social media.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 13, 2018

Modern marketing connects on values, not stuff. Credit unions can do that by telling their story better.

By Alexandra Gekas | April 4, 2018

A day-long meeting at Visa headquarters provides insight into technology challenges.

By Alexandra Gekas | Oct. 2, 2017

A total online brand presence now trumps corporate websites and slick branch locations when it comes to building credibility.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 17, 2017

In episode 790, Mike Lawson speaks with Callahan's director of marketing and engagement Alexandra Gekas about CUBrandMonitor, the all-in-one solution that helps credit unions manage their online brand reputation.

By Alexandra Gekas | Dec. 14, 2016

Callahan spotlights credit unions of all sizes that return the most value to members.

By Alexandra Gekas | Dec. 5, 2016

Tips to narrow the playing field to vendors that fit a credit union’s business model and needs.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 19, 2015

A phone call hits the mark for this millennial marketer. Life insurance statement stuffer? Not so much.

By Alexandra Gekas | Oct. 5, 2012

A breakout session on the second day of the Northwest Credit Union Association conference examines how executives are not immune to error.

By Alexandra Gekas | Oct. 3, 2012

The Northwest Credit Union Association’s conference featured a panel of Canadian credit union executives discussing collaborative opportunities, among other topics.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 29, 2012

Four credit unions join their advertising efforts together in a Washington, DC, commuter newspaper.

By Alexandra Gekas | March 12, 2012

Pinterest is all the rage in social media. Your members are using it, but should you? Here's some firsthand insight from an avid Pinterest user.

By Alexandra Gekas | Dec. 29, 2011

A young Callahan employee reflects on how her heartfelt letter of gratitude to a 9/11 hero drew national attention.

By Alexandra Gekas | Oct. 20, 2011

Co-ops are using this credit union day of celebration to promote the positive aspects of a member-owned financial system.

By Alexandra Gekas | Oct. 13, 2011

From haunted credit union branches to spooky coloring contests, cooperatives are using the Halloween season as a time to get involved with their community.

By Alexandra Gekas | Sept. 26, 2011

Dust off your fanny packs. It’s time to launch a 1990s nostalgia marketing campaign that will capture the hearts of a younger generation.

By Alexandra Gekas | Sept. 12, 2011

Many cooperatives are marking their special occasions with more customer engagement.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 22, 2011

Gen Y credit union members have myriad choices for depositing their money. Which do they prefer?

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 15, 2011

Credit unions can use back-to-school time to help the community and spread the financial literacy wealth to youth.

By Alexandra Gekas | July 19, 2011

A new credit union member's daily life crosses paths with four classic marketing campaigns — outside the Internet.

By Alexandra Gekas | July 6, 2011

A Callahan Gen Y-er makes her final decision on a credit union.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 22, 2011

Callahan & Associates' Alexandra Gekas has decided on the important criteria for her credit union. Now she compares several cooperatives to help her determine which one she’ll join.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 1, 2011

Potential new employment opportunities created by a Navy Federal Credit Union call center is just one example of the myriad ways credit unions are creating jobs.

By Alexandra Gekas | May 20, 2011

Five criteria a Callahan Gen Y-er is looking for in a credit union.

By Alexandra Gekas | April 7, 2011

Give a voice to your strongest supporters.

By Alexandra Gekas | Aug. 11, 2010

A young member waxes poetic about his love for his credit union.

By Alexandra Gekas | July 9, 2010

This is where the teaser goes.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 24, 2010

Gen Y members are stereotyped as being independent, tech savvy, and narcissist. How can credit unions take advantage of these supposed personality traits?

By Alexandra Gekas | June 17, 2010

After a student banker finds herself in the midst of credit card troubles she seeks credit union alternatives on her road to financial recovery.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 15, 2010

My bank cancelled my credit card and destroyed my credit score with repeated inquires. Now it won’t answer any of my questions about my account or its action. I’m looking for answers, and a credit union solution, to help me on my road to financial recovery.

By Alexandra Gekas | June 4, 2010

With little knowledge of the industry, one Callahan intern grapples with numbers and trends to highlight the important findings of first quarter 2010 data.