Augmented 5300 Project for Non-Interest Income

Callahan & Associates’ Non-interest Income survey is designed to provide more detailed information on credit union fee income levels and sources so credit unions can benchmark their own performance. Your responses will not be linked to your credit union by name. Participants will receive free attendance and recording access to a webinar discussing the results of the survey.

Survey responses should match the dollar totals your credit union reported for account codes 131 and 659 of the Call Report. The survey requests the gross dollar amounts received by the credit union for various fees and miscellaneous income as of December 31, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Bolton at 800-446-7453 ext 216

    Credit Union Name:  
    Fed / Ins Charter #  

   Credit Card & Debit Card

$ Amount
(Round to nearest whole dollar e.g. $45,000.33 = $45,000)
  Total income from Credit Card interchange
  Total income from Credit Card fees
  Total income from Debit Card interchange
    Income from debit PIN transactions
    Income from debit signature transactions (Total of pin and signature should sum to total income from debit card interchange)
  Total income from Debit Card fees
    ACH Fee Income

Total income from fees related to wire transfers, money orders, official checks and travelers’ checks

   ATM Fees


Total income from ATM Surcharges/Interchange &
Other ATM related fees


Does your Credit Union charge members a foreign ATM fee?
(foreign ATM is defined as any ATM not owned by your Credit Union) Yes No


If so, what is the total income resulting from the foreign ATM fee?

    How does your Credit Union report this income on the 5300 Call Report?
As the gross amount (before subtracting expenses)
As the net amount (after subtracting expenses)

   Checking Account Fees


Is your Credit Union able to report NSF and Courtesy Pay separately?
Yes No

if no, enter total fees here

Total NSF fees
Total courtesy pay /overdraft protection fees
Check Sales (eg. personal checks)
All other transaction account fees
(eg. Low balance fees, checking account, or member fees)
    Total income from Home Banking / Bill Pay / Account Aggregation fees

   Additional Fees


Total Income from late fees on consumer and business loans
(excluding credit cards)

  Loan application fees
(consumer and business loans only, excluding real estate)

  Real Estate Fees:

Gain on Sale of Mortgages
Servicing Rights/Servicing Fees

Other real estate lending fees (including applications, late fees, etc.)

   Insurance and Investment Fee Income

  Total income from Credit Union Insurance Product Sales (GAP, Warranty, Property/Casualty, Credit Insurance etc.) Do not include consolidated CUSO income reported via income from investments account (account code 120)
  Total income from Broker/Dealer Sales & Services (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Annuities, etc.) Do not include consolidated CUSO income reported via income from investments account (account code 120)
  Total unconsolidated CUSO income (included in other operating income – account code 659)
  All other non-interest fee and operating income including One-Time Events (ex. sale on credit card portfolio): List specific Items (include only those in account codes 131 & 659 on page 4 of the Call Report)
Name of Item
$ Amount
Total must equal the sum of codes 131 and 659 on your year-end 2013 Call Report.
Total      $
  Any additional comments:

   Impact of Legislative/Regulatory Changes


What existing sources are you focusing on for non-interest income growth?


What new categories are you looking towards to drive non-interest income in 2014?


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