Numbers and Members

From solving family financials to unlocking the best in money tips, solving problems for members starts with understanding numbers.


Numbers pull the emotion out of a situation. They’re concrete, and they paint a stark picture of reality. For credit unions, numbers are everything.

From a hyper-local examination of state trends to big-picture leader tables, data is what drives the cooperative movement. And data is what makes credit unions and their staff such valuable resources for members. Take a look at how these numbers might help your credit union.

  • CNNMoney offers a glimpse at 5 families dealing with 5 different financial issues. There’s a mom who doesn’t want her daughter to repeat her debt-heavy lifestyle and a couple who worries about making retirement work after the recession. Take a look, and see how you’d help each group if they were one of your members.
  • Know members who run a small business? Of course you do. Hopefully, you’re the preferred lender to small businesses in your community. It takes a lot of intelligence to start a successful business, but entrepreneurs don’t know everything. So share these 6 tax breaks that sometimes slip through the holes in the vent.
  • Everything today is about maximum convenience and maximum value. People want what they want when and how they want it. So this list of 150 financial tools, tricks, and tips (courtesy of Time) should be useful to staff and members.  The collection is broken down into blocks (“10 Signs to Avoid a Scam,” “5 Spending Tips that Don’t Fit Everyone”) for easy digestion.



Jan. 17, 2011



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