Point, Go, Save

Applying Augmented Reality Technology to the World of Finance.


The rise of modern, affordable navigation technology has given hope to directionally challenged individuals everywhere. This technology of convenience may breed dependence on a level that puts us at risk of not being able to find a grocery store without a cell phone or GPS, but it has also proven a valuable tool in saving businesses and customers heaps of time and money.

One smart phone application pioneered by Metaio and Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union promises to do just that, by taking the pain out of finding an ATM.

Running on the Junio Platform, the app will feature not only the top down “map” view with which most of us are familiar, but also uses augmented reality in conjunction with the phones built in camera to allow easier navigation on foot. Just hold phone in front of you, point the built in camera in any direction and the application superimposes digital images representing real life ATM locations onto the image.

The results look a little something like this (image source addisonavenue.com)

The app will be free to Addison Avenue customers and for the credit union, it will likely ensure ATM’s placed around town see a maximum amount of usage.  The application includes all ATM’s in the area (including competitors) but also advises customers which ATM’s have a fee associated with their use, encouraging members to utilize Addison's ATMs and save themselves money.


Aug. 19, 2010



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