Martin Luther King Jr. Day became an official federal holiday in 1983, yet social injustice still permeates the country more than 35 years later. In late May 2020, the death of an unarmed black man in the custody of Minneapolis police and the subsequent counrywide protests supporting justice for George Floyd forced workplaces everywhere to confront questions about race in America and acknowledge what has been in plain sight these many years.  

Today, individuals, organizations, and industries — including credit unions — are starting to tackle in earnest the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their ranks. This Callahan Collection pulls together strategies and best practices to support real progress toward creating a more just workplace and society.

Callahan Collections

DEI Best Practices

By E.C. Harrison | Jan. 25, 2021

Backed by a changing FOM and new BOD, One Detroit Credit Union targets programs to bring hope to Detroit’s abandoned neighborhoods.

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 31, 2020

This Raleigh-based cooperative is “woke” in Wake (and Durham) counties.

By Phylicia Atkins | Aug. 24, 2020

Dozens of credit unions and related organizations pledge to help the industry meet the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenge.

By E.C. Harrison | Aug. 17, 2020

Leaders today must consider what “concern for community” means for fairness in hiring, upward mobility, and inclusiveness in the workplace.

By Sharon Simpson | Aug. 10, 2020

A Pacific Northwest credit union shares lessons it learned during its eight-year journey taking a holistic view of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

By E.C. Harrison | July 27, 2020

After holding frank discussions with employees and communities about diversity, equity, and inclusion, these credit unions are forming DEI councils, launching targeted charities, and more.

By Marc Rapport | Feb. 10, 2020

At Veridian Credit Union, Angela Weekley is nearing a decade of building bridges between cooperative and community.

By E.C. Harrison | Jan. 22, 2019

Thirty-three years after the first Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, discrimination, immigration, and equal pay continue to fuel policies at credit unions, but more can be done.