It’s a tradition that dates back ages: Start a new year, and vow to kick an old, bad habit. In the modern era, a common New Year's resolution involves money. Specifically, saving more and spending less of it. Check out this Callahan Collection to see what strategies — savings challenges, refinance programs, prize-linked savings lotteries, and more — credit unions are using to help members reach their financial goals every day of the year.

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Debt Reduction

By Rebecca Wessler | Dec. 23, 2019

Credit unions across the country are deploying creative solutions to engage members and encourage savings.

By Marc Rapport | March 4, 2019

A coaching program at Wright-Patt Credit Union teaches members how to be responsible with money while enjoying life.

By Erik Payne | April 4, 2018

Lottery-driven savings accounts through state leagues and individual credit unions add an element of excitement to a positive financial behavior.

By Sharon Simpson | March 28, 2018

How one Wisconsin credit union encourages members to reduce debt and improve their debt-to-income ratio.

By Erik Payne | Aug. 25, 2014

When demand for refinancing subsided, two credit unions spun off their programs differently using the same concept.

By Catherine Siskos | June 24, 2013

An annual competition for families to improve their finances boosts one credit union’s business and its standing in the community.