It is an NCUA mandate that a credit union’s board of directors have a “working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices.” That’s for volunteers. Shouldn’t a credit union’s management staff have the same working knowledge of ratios that effect the credit union’s performance? This Callahan Collection covers concepts, definitions, and formulas every credit union volunteer and member of management should know.

Of course, it takes more than superb financial performance to run a truly successful credit union. As credit unions compete in the ever-growing field of financial services, they musn’t lose sight of what sets them apart as cooperatives. Check out this Callahan Collection that brings together strategies and stories of credit unions making a positive impact on their members and communities — and proving they matter in the process. 

Callahan Collections

Ratios To Know

By Erik Payne | July 17, 2017

Capital adequacy, asset quality, earnings, ALM, productivity, and growth underline quarterly financial performance for credit unions.

By Lydia Cole | Jan. 9, 2017

Metrics to evaluate credit union marketing spend and bridge the gap between macro trends and micro performance.

By Michelle Parker | June 13, 2016

Lending is the engine that powers credit unions, and these seven ratios will help every employee understand why.


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By Sam Taft | April 27, 2015

Lending officers are under constant pressure to produce loans. These five benchmarks give CLOs a place to start when managing lending activities and communicating about the health and growth of the credit union.

By Sam Taft | April 27, 2015

The combination of many ratios offers a complete picture of a credit union’s operational performance. These three will help COOs communicate successes and opportunities in meeting overall goals.

By Sam Taft | April 23, 2015

Staffing costs are a typical credit union’s largest operating expense; therefore, tracking the performance of the workforce is crucial.

By Lydia Cole | April 29, 2011

Key metrics to evaluate your credit union and bridge the gap between macro trends and micro performance.