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 Best Practices From COVID-19

Best Practices From The Year Of COVID-19

Credit unions responded quickly to the harms presented by the novel coronavirus by implementing strict hygiene and distancing measures, deploying remote staffing operations, rolling out virtual services, closing branches, and more. No one knows what “normal” will look like a year from now, but the solutions and practices highlighted in this Callahan Collection will have applications for years to come.


Opportunities In Online Reviews

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. And just like how they impact where people go to satisfy hunger, online reviews persuade potential members to choose one financial institution over another. These best practices implemented by credit unions across the country show how to win over new members, address the concerns of upset members, and encourage your happiest members to be brand ambassadors.


Niche Loans For Unique Needs.

In today’s age of Amazon Prime and Apple Pay, it’s easy to confuse a superior experience with expedited service. Sure, many members want to point, click, or wave and be on their way, but others need assistance that falls outside an algorithm. And that’s where the credit unions featured in this Callahan Collection are making their mark. From employee-sponsored lending to weatherization loans, job training tie-ins to adoption assistance — and lots of opportunity in between — these credit unions have developed creative solutions to give members the credit they need.


Help For The Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness and celebration, well-wishing and thanksgiving. For consumers feeling a financial pinch, however, the holidays can turn into a time of stress, anxiety, and worry. This Callahan Collection is dedicated to those credit unions that have stepped up with products and education to help members stretch — and stick to — their budgets. Because, help for the holidays is a gift that lasts all year long.


Buy A Bank. Serve The Community.

The number of bank acquisitions by credit unions nationwide is growing, yet it’s hardly a buying spree. Bank and thrift deals increased from an average of three per year during 2014-2017 to 16 in 2018 and 18 in 2019, according to data from Callahan & Associates. Callahan has been following the trend as it unfolds, and this Callahan Collection looks at how credit unions are evaluating acquisition opportunities, merging staffs, onboarding bank customers, and more.


When Disaster Strikes

In the shadow of the worst-case scenario, credit unions rise to be the best resource they can be for their members, communities, and more. This Callahan Collection brings together industry stories on how to deal with disaster while adding a human touch to financial services.

Credit Unions And Their Community Impact

Credit Unions And Their Community Impact

It takes more than superb financial performance to run a truly successful credit union. As credit unions compete in the ever-growing field of financial services, they mustn’t lose sight of what sets them apart as cooperatives. Check out this Callahan Collection that brings together strategies and stories of credit unions making a positive impact on their members and communities — and proving they matter in the process.

Member Giveback

Credit Unions Give Back To Members In More Ways Than One

It’s a great time to be a credit union. It’s also a great time to be a credit union member. The third cooperative value encourages credit unions to reward members for their participation. Indeed, credit unions do that every day in the form of better rates and lower fees. But many credit unions go above and beyond that. This Callahan Collection showcases how credit unions return value to members every day, every week, and every year.

Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips For The Modern Age

Gone are the days when a member’s first impression of a credit union hangs on the experience they have when they walk into a branch for the first time. With websites, mobile apps, social media, and more, a total online brand presence is what builds credibility. This Callahan Collection looks at practices credit unions across the country are deploying to showcase what makes their credit union stand out in a sea of financial services providers.

A Guide To Member Experience

A Guide To Member Experience

A 2018 a global survey by Forrester Consulting identified “customer retention/loyalty” and “customer experience” as the top two business priorities for global companies across eight industries. “Grow revenue” came in at No. 3. Of the industries surveyed by Forrester, financial services firms ranked highest in customer experience maturity. Retail banks and credit unions were among the first to jump on the customer experience bandwagon, and the pieces in this Callahan Collection showcase the different ways credit unions are tackling the topic.


Must-Know Metrics For Credit Union Management

It is an NCUA mandate that a credit union’s board of directors have a “working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices.” That’s for volunteers. Shouldn’t a credit union’s management staff have the same working knowledge of ratios that effect the credit union’s performance? This Callahan Collection covers concepts, definitions, and formulas every credit union volunteer and member of management should know.

Tips To Improve Checking Account Design

Tips To Improve Checking Account Design

When members have different wants, needs, and expectations of their financial services products, credit unions respond with products featuring a greater degree of customization and utility. This is the case with checking accounts, and this Callahan Collection provides case studies of credit unions that have experimented with checking account design.

New To The Neighborhood

New To The Neighborhood

From a hub-and-spoke approach to a split leadership structure, credit unions have a variety of methods for expanding into new markets. This Callahan Collection showcases strategies credit unions have taken to broaden their geographical reach and serve a greater population of potential members.

Evolving Uses For Social Media

Evolving Uses For Social Media

Facebook had an average 829 million online and 654 mobile daily active users in June 2014. Twitter boasts 271 million monthly active users, 78% of which are on mobile. Social media is a juggernaut, and the potential to reach young adults here is a marketer’s dream. Despite the difficulty in calculating return on investment, the marketing dollars spent on social media continue to grow. In 2012, companies spent $3.4 billion on social media advertising; that could climb to $8 billion in 2015. You must be prepared for this brave new world. That’s why this Callahan Collection offers best practices on how to turn online and social media channels into a marketing tool.

The Millennials Are Coming

The Millennials Are Coming

Millennials will have more spending power than any other generation by 2017, according to TIME. That buying power means credit unions must design or adopt products and services that satisfy the tastes of a generation markedly dif- ferent than the one that preceded it. Many credit unions have already started offering technological and operational options that satisfy millennial expectations; that’s why this Callahan Collection highlights the strides being made in lending, investments, advisory boards, and much more. 2017 isn’t that far away.

Prepare your institution. The millennials are coming.

Member Onboarding Perfected

Member Onboarding Perfected

New member onboarding goes a long way in building lifelong members. When credit unions fail to take full advantage of these initial stages they miss out on the opportunity to develop the depth of relationship they would like. For those institutions that want to make the most of the honeymoon phase, this Callahan Collection showcases several strategies to welcome members and build fruitful relationships.