Putting Community Service Back in the Hands of your Community

If executed correctly, microsponsorships could take your community service to the next level.



PSST! Word of Mouth Marketing Blog (an extension of Creative-Brand Communications) brought up an interesting new model for community service in their March 5th post, the idea of microsponsorships. Here's the idea:

"In an effort to further connect with the consumer, large brands like Pepsi and Quaker have focused their energies on creating microsponsorship programs that give grants to the individual to fund small projects of their choosing."

In credit union land, we're very familiar with interactive member-focused contests of all sorts, but I have yet to come across anything that urges members to come up with creative ways to use community service funds. As PSST! aptly notes, organizations looking to engage the microsponsorship model run the risk of losing control of their sponsorship dollars, potentially supporting a cause that doesn't align itself with the credit unions purpose. Still, the prospect of engaging members and allocating funds as they see fit, seems like an idea every credit union actively involved in community sponsorships should explore.


March 26, 2010



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