Altura Credit Union

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 10, 2012

Put the right products and services in place, and then take a closer look at credit-damaged members.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 30, 2012

CEO Mark Hawkins calls 2011 “best year since 2006.”

By Rebecca Wessler | Nov. 21, 2011

The largest credit union in the hard-hit Californian Inland Empire is building on the area’s economic revival.

By Rebecca McClay | Sept. 12, 2011

California-based Altura Credit Union has stabilized in one of the most difficult economic regions in the United States thanks to some savvy cost-cutting.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

Credit unions exist to serve members, and the Return of the Member (ROM) scoring system is designed to measure how well credit unions live up to this task.

By Molly Francis | Feb. 6, 2006

In an environment of tight budgets, Altura Credit Union's marketing team delivers results and justifies its 2 million dollar annual budget.

By Mary Royston | April 25, 2005

Learn how Altura Credit Union’s business plan to develop relationships with the Hispanic Community has produced results that exceeded expectations.