Teachers Credit Union

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 10, 2022

Three ways credit unions are connecting institutional mission and employee engagement.

By Erik Payne | May 24, 2021

An in-house training program coaches member-facing staff on how to dig deeper during everyday interactions.

By Erik Payne | May 17, 2021

A 12-person group at Teachers Credit Union focuses on action and deliverables in its efforts to promote DEI at the Indiana cooperative.

By Marc Rapport | Jan. 11, 2021

Jeff Sobieralski educates and engages members at the Indiana financial cooperative.

By Marc Rapport | April 27, 2020

From direct deposits to direct outreach, analysts are greasing the gears of member service as they spin like never before.

By Erik Payne | Oct. 15, 2019

There’s a growing trend in Credit Union Land that’s encouraging employees to spend Columbus Day on the road, volunteering and giving back to their communities.

By Marc Rapport | Sept. 23, 2019

The Indiana cooperative is deploying dashboards and robotics to go where Excel has never gone before.

By Yun Ma | March 28, 2013

Amy Sink, CFO at Teachers FCU, advises credit unions on how to best use (or not use) member data.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | March 30, 2009

Amy Sink, CFO of Teachers CU in South Bend, IN, spoke with Credit Union Strategy & Performance editor Brooke Stoddard in early March on the challenges and opportunties her credit union faces in 2009.

By Brooke C. Stoddard | March 1, 2009

Amy Sink, CFO at Teachers CU in Indiana, shares her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities running the largest credit union in her state during these troubling times.

By Nick Connors | Nov. 15, 2007

One of the many challenges of running a business of any size is properly allocating and managing corporate purchases. Although company checks and business credit cards have long been the standard form of payment among businesses, many companies are now turning to procurement cards as a fast, efficient, and cost-saving measure.

By Carlene Pollock | Aug. 21, 2006

Credit unions are implementing purchase card, or p-card, programs to streamline payables, manage cash, and earn on their spending.