Digital Federal Credit Union

By Aaron Passman | July 11, 2022

Nearly 12 months after the launch of Dora, a credit union-backed fintech, one executive looks back at lessons learned and what comes next.

By Aaron Passman | June 13, 2022

New loan products from DCU and Service Credit Union could help provide a wider range of mobility options for disabled consumers.

By Marc Rapport | June 7, 2021

How pairing up with an online used car retailer has helped Digital Federal Credit Union serve members during social distancing, play to partner popularity, and update an old sales model.

By Erik Payne | Nov. 9, 2020

DCU has moved the in-person job fair online, making way for the future of credit union recruitment.

By Rebecca Wessler | March 30, 2020

Credit unions help members and their communities every day of the year. Some of their more innovative offers are especially relevant during a time of heightened need.

By Erik Payne | March 5, 2020

DCU’s Project Finance aims to show members what their money can do, not what it did.

By Marc Rapport | March 1, 2020

Loan participations are a proven way to address liquidity concerns and add some income. They can also be complicated, but there’s help.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 30, 2019

Digital FCU knows better than to rest on its laurels. The trust of its members relies on it.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 30, 2019

How the responsibilities and career paths of the DCU senior team have evolved through the years …sometimes in surprising or unexpected ways.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 30, 2019

Three guiding principles at Digital FCU has helped the Massachusetts credit union become one of the largest, and most influential, in the industry.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 30, 2019

The ANATOMY series is a quarterly, multi-feature profile that explores the strategies and analyzes the performance of an exemplary credit union.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 26, 2019

Digital Federal Credit Union strives to promote from within. Learn how it readies employees for the leadership opportunities that come next.

By Rebecca Wessler | Dec. 23, 2019

Five ways credit unions are making it easier for members to conduct their financial business and live their lives.

By Erik Payne | Oct. 7, 2019

A nonprofit program launched by Digital FCU fosters next-gen talent and ideas, and the nation has noticed.

By Erik Payne | Sept. 23, 2019

Online appointment scheduling and in-branch queuing are helping credit union members make the most of their spare time.

By Erik Payne | Aug. 5, 2019

The Quick Loan from Digital FCU offers a lifeline when members have more month than paycheck.

By Marc Rapport | April 1, 2019

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.

By Marc Rapport | March 25, 2019

How three very different credit unions are collaborating with their communities for better business development.

By Erik Payne | Feb. 4, 2019

Last summer was the most competitive homebuying season of all time, and credit unions are preparing for more action in 2019.

By Sharon Simpson | Aug. 6, 2018

A loan doesn’t have to be massive to be mighty. These high-impact programs have an outsize effect on members and communities.

By Marc Rapport | March 19, 2018

This Bay State cooperative listens to and acts on employee feedback. And its staff knows it.

By E.C. Harrison | Feb. 19, 2018

HR departments are combining wages, bonuses, and retirement with telecommuting, quiet rooms, and family leave to build attractive benefits packages.

By Marc Rapport | May 29, 2017

More stringent accuracy rules will force credit bureaus to leave liens and judgments out of millions of credit reports.

By Marc Rapport | Jan. 30, 2017

Amid planning for compliance and interchange hits, credit unions can count on a little help from their friends.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 26, 2016

Eight strategies and lessons in managing one of the credit union industry’s largest assets.

By Erik Payne | March 7, 2016

What are credit unions doing to better serve members during the auto-buying process?

By Sharon Simpson | Jan. 4, 2016

Why three credit unions are turning to team-based learning to develop current and future leaders.

By Marc Rapport | July 13, 2015

Pre-launch marketing, follow-up surveys, and individual attention are ingredients in the not-so-secret sauce for success.

By Susan Levi Wallach | June 22, 2015

A try-before-you-buy fellowship program allows DCU to assess the value of new legal resources.

By Marc Rapport | March 9, 2015

Digital Federal Credit Union has been building member loyalty with direct deposit early paydays.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 22, 2014

These nine strategies and takeaways from non-traditional competitors offer inspiration for 2015.

By | Nov. 20, 2014

Callahan & Associates managing partner Jon Jeffreys, DCU CEO Jim Regan, and Growthfountain CEO Ken Staut discuss the potential for credit unions and crowdfunding.

By Aaron Pugh | Oct. 13, 2014

Incubators and other like-minded organizations help credit unions connect with entrepreneurs and new business.

By Callahan & Associates | May 29, 2014

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Drew Grossman | April 11, 2014

A look back at the major developments in EMV and the impending milestones leading up to the 2015 liability shift.

By Drew Grossman | April 11, 2014

A shift in the secure payments standard is coming, but not every institution is ready to make the switch just yet.

By Drew Grossman | Feb. 3, 2014

Credit unions are making plans to roll out new credit cards with EMV chip technology in advance of the shift of fraud liability in 2015.

By Sharon Simpson | Oct. 21, 2013

Digital FCU’s VP of information systems discusses the technology that allows members to conduct business from anywhere in the country.

By Jim Regan | Oct. 1, 2012

Regardless of charter type, it's product and services that drive long-term success.

Partner Perspective
Get Back On The Highway

By Origence, a CU Direct Brand | Aug. 20, 2012

Credit unions can use strategic messaging to get on the front lines of the auto turnaround.

One Step Ahead

By Thomas Cullen | Jan. 31, 2011

Digital Federal Credit Union gets in front of problem loans with outreach and creative solutions.

By Aaron Pugh | Nov. 22, 2010

The evolution of remote deposit finds credit unions on the mobile forefront.

By Aaron Pugh | March 29, 2010

Why implementing a multi-year, long-term workout solution can help members and credit unions emerge from the mortgage market unscathed.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2009

In March 2008, Digital Federal Credit Union ($4.5B, Marlborough, MA) launched a remote deposit capture service for members which has significantly increased their number of deposits.

By Nick Connors | Aug. 3, 2009

While many credit unions have been increasing their dealer networks in response to current struggles in the automotive market, Digital FCU has found success by scaling back the number of dealerships the credit union works with.

By Marissa McGee | Aug. 4, 2008

Learn how Digital Federal Credit Union successfully helped the community cope with rising gas prices and spread the value of the credit union.

By Lydia Cole | July 28, 2008

DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) is a fan of BIG ideas. These ideas often constitute a wave of innovation that changes member experiences. Remote Deposit Capture has been one of their BIG ideas they've actively pursued and investigated since 2004.

By Mike Weber | June 16, 2008

Take the rapidly rising costs of college education, mix in a private student loan market that has grown 450% in the last seven years alone, add a mass exodus of traditional lenders because of restricted access to capital, and you've got a volatile recipe for turmoil in the student loan marketplace. 

By Tom Geggel | March 6, 2006

Learn how Schools Financial CU, Digital FCU and Anheuser-Busch Employees’ CU structure and market their share draft accounts.

By Annie Sebastian | June 13, 2005

The profitability issue is still contentious for credit unions. As part of this, some consider relationship-based pricing (RBP) contrary to the democratic spirit of credit unions, but for others it a natural part of a cooperative. Digital Federal Credit Union's RBP program demonstrates how to create value without penalizing or segmenting the overall membership.

By Carol Anne Burger | March 11, 2002

For members of Digital Federal Credit Union, getting Streetwise about auto buying begins by following The Ten Commandments. Not the biblical variety, but the 10 rules of auto buying that prevent members from getting ripped off on what Tim Garner, VP of Marketing at DCU said is one of the two biggest-ticket items people buy