Lake Michigan Credit Union

By Marc Rapport | May 7, 2018

Quicken Loans might be underpinning the revitalization of Detroit, but financial cooperatives are serving the long-awaited renaissance in their own ways.

By Liz Furman | March 21, 2016

Which financial cooperatives are maximizing non-interest income without raising service fees for members? Find out in this Callahan leader table.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2014

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Erik Payne | April 11, 2014

The industry shares its collective priorities for 2014 and beyond.

By Aaron Pugh | May 6, 2013

Lake Michigan Credit Union partners with other lenders and an HGTV star to take the top spot in regional market share.

By Melissa Murphy | Dec. 13, 2004

The $1.1 billion Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) in Grand Rapids, MI, will remain a credit union after less than two-thirds of voting members cast ballots in favor of a conversion to a mutual savings institution.

By Randy Karnes | Oct. 4, 2004

Are we ignoring the competitive difference that makes credit unions unique? The largest credit union charter conversion yet will be put to a vote in November – what does an action like this mean for the industry?