TopLine Federal Credit Union

By | Dec. 17, 2018

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Erik Payne | Oct. 12, 2015

TopLine Federal Credit Union shares lessons learned and best practices for building a 501(c)(3) affiliate.

By Drew Grossman | June 24, 2013

An externship program at TopLine Federal Credit Union teaches students and educators about the essential skills needed to excel in business.

By Callahan & Associates | June 6, 2013

Learn how one credit union has invited educators and students to participate in “job shadow” events to better understand what skills are most needed in the workplace.

By Yun Ma | March 11, 2013

In the midst of an intensified string of cyber attacks against financial institutions, the best defense is to think like a hacker.