First Financial Federal Credit Union

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 30, 2013

How California’s First Financial turns inexperienced job seekers into the torchbearers of its brand for years to come.

By Aaron Pugh | Aug. 20, 2012

Credit unions that aren’t active in student lending can assist students in other ways.

By Carol Anne Burger | Sept. 16, 2002

Gary Skraba, vice president of marketing for First Financial Credit Union, West Covina, ( California, described FFCU's previous relationship pricing plan as complex and unwieldy. What the credit union needed, he said, was a transition to a program that would keep

By Carlton Mussman | July 16, 2001

First Financial Credit Union adopted a strategy of developing a Success Model consisting of three components: Employee Loyalty, Member Loyalty, and Financial Soundness. How can a credit union use this strategy by implementing a Branch profitability study and a balanced scorecard for employee evaluation?