Self-Help Credit Union

By E.C. Harrison | Aug. 17, 2020

Leaders today must consider what “concern for community” means for fairness in hiring, upward mobility, and inclusiveness in the workplace.

By E.C. Harrison | Nov. 18, 2019

The CEO of the Self-Help credit unions uses secondary capital to fight predatory lending and protect financially vulnerable consumers.

By Marc Rapport | Sept. 10, 2018

The North Carolina cooperative generates strong deposits to fuel a humming lending machine.

By Marc Rapport | Oct. 20, 2014

Lessons from five credit unions on the benefits of grocery co-op partnerships.

By Aaron Pugh | Oct. 13, 2014

Self-Help’s independent loan fund allows it to meet the needs of underserved borrowers without creating undue risk.

By Mark Reed | April 15, 2013

Like banks and thrifts, credit unions are shuttering more branches while stepping up technology at their remaining locations.

By Lydia Cole | Feb. 13, 2012

Some credit unions seem to have been destined to be partners for life, while others found they just couldn’t take the plunge.

By Lydia Cole | Nov. 28, 2011

A credit union undergoes a merger to improve both itself and its members’ standing.

By Andrew Bolton | Oct. 31, 2011

Credit unions can reach both those who don't have their own financial institution and those who don't use theirs frequently.

By Mike Werstuik | July 21, 2008

Self-Help CU works to save a neighborhood distressed with foreclosures.