Feb. 8, 2010


  • Is there a Credit Union in the Tampa Bay area of FL that has Save To Win program or one like it?
  • Does the state of South Carolinga have the Save to Win Programf?
  • The Save to Win program is a result of a collaboration among the Michigan Credit Union League, the Filene Research Institute, and the Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund. I do not believe the concept has gone into wide-spread adoption, specifically I do not believe credit unions or credit union leagues in South Carolina or Florida have collaborated to sponsor an initiative like the one in Michigan. If you know of a similar program, feel free to note that in the “comments” below or contact me directly. For now, you can contact the following people for more information on Michigan’s Save to Win:

    • Michigan Credit Union League Save to Win contact Maureen Lafrinere at 800.262.6285 x 242 or visit the league online at mcul.org.

    • Filene Research Institute innovation officer Denise Gabel at 608.232.8922 or visit the institute online at filene.org.

    • Doorways to Dreams Fund executive director Timothy Flacke at 617.541.9064 or visit the fund online at d2dfund.org.

    Rebecca Wessler