Setting Expectations

I am not a “glass is half full” kinda person, but even I think NCUA is going out of its way to find bad news.


If you want to go on believing the worst is yet to come, you might as well stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy this weeks’ collection of articles that focus on what credit unions’ actually accomplished in the 2Q of 2010.

This week, our analysis includes:

Not to neglect the possible speed bumps on the road to economic recovery, we also take a look this week at the NCUA/WesCorp lawsuit. While Chip Filson posits 9 possible explanations for why NCUA re-filed the lawsuit, he also points out “We don’t know the reason. There has been no public discussion or comment as to why now. What we do know is a lawsuit’s timing is a managed announcement…It is part of a pattern of activity and reveals a mind set. This is about future Agency intentions, not past actions.”

I’d also like to take one last moment to thank all of our readers for commenting—whether they agree or disagree—with the analysis published on We do encourage, however, people to step out from the behind the curtain of anonymity that the Internet provides and stand behind their comments. It lends credence to your position and weeds out those who wish to express opinion without substantiation. We don’t require it, but it is encouraged.


Sept. 3, 2010

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