Shine a Light in the Darkness

There is a member story behind every loan, and credit unions are making a difference in lives across the country.  


The winter solstice, the shortest daylight of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, will soon be here. Ironically, our cultural response to this longest period of darkness has been just the opposite. Our human interpretation — whether pagan, secular, or religious in origin — is to celebrate this as a period of expectation, hope, and “new light” to come. In this spirit we offer:

  • A story of hope from Oprah Winfrey and the newest Callahan employee who has nurtured a friendship with a 9/11 EMT responder that continues to this day;
  • A Tucson credit union that makes a difference in its community through random acts of kindness and the reaction of members to these unexpected small gifts;
  • The incredible perseverance with which credit unions, caught in the worst part of the economic crisis, have rebounded into the black. Black Friday is more than a shopping day after Thanksgiving; it captures a year of year-long improvement in credit union performance, including over $69.7 billion in originations during 3Q. Register for Trendwatch to learn more;
  • Some light following NCUA’s recent Board actions. An extended Callahan Report offers insight to questions such as:
    • What is the cost of NCUA’s corporate plan for credit union members?
    • What is the most important lesson to be drawn from events over the past 60 days of NCUA Board meetings?
    • Is NCUA’s budget the best way to understand the expense impact on credit unions and their members?
    • Is there a single “biggest priority” credit unions can align around?

This 36-page issue of the Callahan Report looks at these issues, primarily with an eye to the future. We focus on what can credit unions do to lead in the years and generation ahead. Click here to order this special issue or subscribe today. 

Credit unions are making an incredible difference that many may not even be aware of. In every loan, there is a member story. Enjoy this week’s selections as we shine a little light on what some might feel is a time of darkness.   



Nov. 29, 2010



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