Small Gestures Make Big Differences

Vantage West Credit Union shares how its initiative to "make a difference" impacts members one by one.


Vantage West Credit Union ($1.0B, Tucson, AZ) uses the tagline, “You’ll like the Difference!” in a lot of its advertising and collateral materials, but recently the credit union took that tagline to the next level. In early November Vantage West launched a “Making A Difference” program to coincide with the December opening of its new branch in Casa Grande, AZ. Through the program, Vantage West employees conducted random acts of kindness throughout the Casa Grande community. These kind gestures included purchasing groceries, delivering lunch, and handing out gift cards to randomly selected individuals.

Below is a story shared by Clare Gastelum, manager of the Casa Grande branch, on how the program “made a difference” in the life of one Casa Grande resident.

“I cannot begin to tell you how many lives we touched in just one day. I have several stories, but the one that stood out the most will stay with me for a very long time. It was an older gentleman who pulled up to get gas in his truck. An associate and I approached him and asked him would it “Make a Difference” in his day if we filled up his tank? He didn’t believe me until I started walking over to swipe my corporate card and asked him which grade. He was rummaging into his pennies to scrap up four dollars to get him and his grandkids home for dinner. It took everything he had to not break down and cry. His voice was cracking and he kept saying how much this was going to help him get through the next two weeks. Times are hard for him and now he is raising his grandchildren. He then said he will be a loyal member to Vantage West forever. It took everything I had to not cry myself. I am sure there will be plenty more stories like this one, but we are truly Making a Difference in Casa Grande.”

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Nov. 29, 2010


  • Thank you for sharing this Clare. I love seeing and hearing how credit unions as a whole do still care about people - individuals, not just how they affect our bottom line. If you serve them correctly the results in the bottom line will follow naturally, just as he expressed..."he will be a LOYAL member of Vantage West forever". Thanks again.
  • Absolutely awesome! As credit unions, we are here for people - and what a great example of the kind of impact we can make in people's lives!
  • What a heart warming article and the assistance was so needed at the time. It seems that a higher power was involved here. God Bless you and yours...

    Joseph at Fiserv