Letter From The Managing Editor

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Why opportunities that scare you the most are the very ones you can’t afford to pass up.
By Aaron Pugh

Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites can help credit unions adjust their fee strategies for those who give back in other ways, identify traits that make for effective employee trainers, and rethink the required ingredients in their so-called secret sauce.
By Callahan Industry Analysts

On Leadership

Erin Mendez On Leadership

Erin Mendez, CEO at Patelco Credit Union, describes how changing a culture requires tough decisions, collaborative work, and faith in those around you.
By E.C. Harrison

State In The Spotlight: Kansas

How do credit unions in Kansas stack up against the nation?
By Callahan Industry Analysts

Industry Performance

Good-Bye Incremental Growth. Hello Exponential Growth.

Today’s environment provides the leverage credit union leaders need to take their organizations to another level.
By Jay Johnson


Industry Performance By The Numbers

A breakdown of the industry’s financial performance and impact in second quarter 2015
By Callahan Industry Analysts

Anatomy Of Mazuma Credit Union

By Marc Rapport

Mazuma Makes Its Move

A Kansas City credit union stakes new ground in an upscale suburb while reorganizing to serve both new and traditional members.

Building An Identity In Bricks And Words

Two Mazuma leaders reflect on the renovation of the credit union’s retail delivery network and brand strategy.

Tighten, Lighten, And Double Down

How better portfolio tracking, a grounded MBL roster, and support from a broad line of CUSOs are helping Mazuma make a mark in the Kansas City area.

9 Ways To Build A Culture Of Fun And Still Get Things Done

Mazuma knows that happy employees create a happy membership, not the other way around.

Download the Anatomy Of Mazuma Credit Union PDF

Ideas In Action

By Erik Payne

Your Post-Trid Checkup

SECU shares how it prepared its 1,800 certified mortgage loan originators for changes resulting from the new loan disclosure rules.

Marketing Tips For Real Estate Mastery

Ent FCU shares how it nails down the right communicative approaches for its members, its partners, and the larger marketplace.

To Power More Purchases, Try A Realtor Rebate

A self-built program at Silver State Schools gives homebuyers a break and provides realtors another avenue to source clients.

A Home Apart From The Norm

How two credit unions developed successful niche mortgage products to satisfy the needs of their memberships.


Leaders Credit Union Takes The Lead In Digital Innovation

Product meets marketing meets members in this small-town credit union that delivers hi-tech solutions.
By Marc Rapport

How Altra Credit Union Targets Younger Members Through Mobile

An aggressive mix of targeting and technology has helped the Wisconsin-based credit union decrease its average age and expand member usage.
By Marc Rapport

Win The War Of The Inbox. Here’s How.

First Tech Federal Credit Union offers tips to ensure the right messages reach the right members at the right times.
By Aaron Pugh

How Charlotte Metro’s Matrix Makes Big Data Byte-Sized

This North Carolina credit union scores with targeted marketing driven by philosophy of dealing with the data it can handle.
By Marc Rapport


By Leigh Anne Terry

Lessons From The Grill

A competitive barbecue team offers tips on how to work as a group, build your brand, and smoke the competition.

The Last Word

Crowdfund Or Crowdfraud?


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