Consumer Sentiments & Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.
By Erik Payne

On Leadership

Bob McKay On Leadership

The CEO of Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union talks inspiration, role models, and finding opportunities.
By Sharon Simpson


3 Signs The Economy Has Hit A Plateau

Industry leaders don’t need a crystal ball to see the future. It’s written in auto, jobs, and housing.
By Dwight Johnston

State In The Spotlight: Iowa

As the industry looks for ways to accelerate deposits, it appears Iowa credit unions are ahead of the curve with higher than average share growth.
By Aman Johal

Industry Performance

Strategic Planning Is More Than A Fall Weekend

Taking time throughout the year to discuss the credit union’s strategic direction will help leaders address changes to the landscape as they occur.
By Jay Johnson


Macro-Economic And Industry Trends (2Q18)

What credit unions need to know about members, lending, asset quality, share balances, and more at second quarter 2018.
By Sam Taft


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement


Peer Group Comparisons

Summary Financial Profiles

Credit unions in different asset-based peer groups can compare their business models against institutions of similar sizes using the Balance Sheet and Summary Income Statement contained in these profiles, which display data for the average credit union in each peer group. These profiles are available anytime to Callahan subscribers via the Search & Analyze data engine at

Peer Group Comparisons

Performance Scorecard

The Performance Scorecard compares credit union performance in major metrics across eight asset-based peer groups. Callahan subscribers can build their own Performance Scorecard using asset size, state, individual credit union, and national data sets. Visit the Search & Analyze data engine at to get started.

Anatomy Of Rogue Credit Union

By Marc Rapport

Apart From The Pack

Rogue Credit Union doubles down on loyalty and forges its own path in service of its Southern Oregon market.

An Account Of Ownership Benefits

A growing list of cash-back rewards for member engagement is a linchpin of Rogue Credit Union’s loyalty strategy.

6 New Branches. 4 More On The Way.

Rogue Credit Union is building a network that marries today’s member loyalty with tomorrow’s trends.

What's In A Name: Vice President Of Loyalty & Employee Development

Laura Hansen’s role at Rogue Credit Union creates happy members and supports the staff that keep them that way.

Download The Anatomy Of Rogue Credit Union

Strategy Lab

Strategic Thinking And The Road Ahead

Credit unions can’t predict the future, but they can prepare for it by thinking about how to respond to change.
By Jay Johnson

What’s Your Sign?

Seeing a northern Virginia farm go bold prompts considerations of what credit unions can tell their members and their communities.
By Katy Slater

New Job Titles Reflect Important Aspirations

Credit union title changes demonstrate the movement's stance on member service.
By Alix Patterson

The Last Word

Come On Baby, Let's Do The Twist

Unscramble the names of these 12 credit unions whose names go ’round and ’round and ’round.
By Erik Payne