Meet The Moment

Second quarter trends highlight early financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
By Erik Payne

Consumer Sentiments & Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.
By Marc Rapport

State In The Spotlight: Ohio

How did Buckeye State credit unions perform in second quarter?
By Samantha Cristobal

Market Snapshot: 2Q 2020

Investments spike, financial markets rebound, and more. Get a glimpse of what happened across the United States in the second quarter.
By Samantha Cristobal

Industry Performance

A Year Of Incredible Challenge. A Year Of Extraordinary Change.

The credit union industry remains focused on keeping employees and members safe while acting as financial first responders for their members and communities.
By Jay Johnson


Macro Overview And Industry Trends (2Q20)

COVID-19 continues to make headlines for social and economic reasons. What else should credit unions know at second quarter?
By William Hunt


Industry Trends: Loans (2Q20)

By William Hunt

Industry Trends: Mortgages (2Q20)

By William Hunt

Industry Trends: Auto Lending (2Q20)

By William Hunt

Industry Trends: Shares (2Q20)

By Aman Johal

Industry Trends: Investments (2Q20)

By Aman Johal

Industry Trends: Earnings (2Q20)

By Aman Johal

Industry Trends: Member Relationships (2Q20)

By William Hunt

Industry Trends: Human Capital (2Q20)

By Aman Johal

Industry Trends: COVID-19 (2Q20)

By Aman Johal


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement


Peer Group Comparisons

Performance Scorecard

The Performance Scorecard compares credit union performance in major metrics across eight asset-based peer groups. Callahan subscribers can build their own Performance Scorecard using asset size, state, individual credit union, and national data sets. Visit the Search & Analyze data engine at to get started.

Anatomy Of A CDFI

By Erik Payne

The Importance Of Being Community-Focused

Certified CDFI credit unions bring a hyper-local focus to their community work. Here, four leaders discuss the missions of their organizations in today’s tumultuous environment.

A Benefit For Credit Unions With A Conscience In Community Development

Carla Decker, the CEO of DC Credit Union, discusses her credit union's commitment to community and how the COVID-19 crisis has affected her certified CDFI shop.

Building Economic Capacity In Chicago’s South Side

Gregg Brown, CEO, South Side Community Federal Credit Union, discusses his credit union's mission to equalize economic power and to fight poverty on Chicago's South Side.

A Bank Of Second Chances For SEGs In Southwest Louisiana

Chad Miller, CEO, Southwest Louisiana Credit Union, discusses his credit union's work to serve the low-income, high-risk populations left behind by mainstream financial services.

Responding To The Local Needs Of 300,000 Residents

Azra Samiee, assistant director of marketing and outreach, Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, discusses her credit union's opportunity to build wealth and resilience among Brooklynites.

Strategy Lab

An Open Letter To Credit Union Leaders & Directors

Now is the time for credit unions to distinguish themselves by being part of the solution to the challenges our society is facing.
By Jon Jeffreys

What Do Credit Unions And Taylor Swift Have In Common?

Things have certainly changed since the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the member experience isn’t just as good — if not better.
By Alix Patterson

The Last Word

Recommended Reading (2Q 2020)

Callahan’s associates offer their take on the best books for credit union leaders.
By Erik Payne

School Daze Are Here Again

The 2020 school year may be untraditional, but the credit union industry’s support of area schools and school districts remains robust as ever. And while not every credit union that serves educational systems features ‘Schools’ in their name, in this word search, see if you can spot 10 credit unions from across the nation who do.
By Erik Payne